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garage food storage
A common New Years resolution for families is focusing on emergency preparedness and food storage. Food storage comes in handy when a natural disaster strikes or financial troubles cut your food budget. But where should food storage go? Many homeowners overlook their garage as the ideal space for Continue Reading...
Washing A Car In Your Garage
Winter is here! From skiing to snowball fights, we find ways to enjoy the freezing temperatures of the everyday. Yet, in the midst of all of these winter activities, we may forget some of the necessary things that get piled on our “to-do” list during this season. One of the most important winter Continue Reading...
how to properly store yard tools
Clutter causes fatigue. Think about it: When the sink is full of dishes — you know, really overflowing with them — you might be a little hesitant to jump right in and get to cleaning. So when it comes to your garage, and specifically the tools and other homeowner accessories you’d typically find in Continue Reading...
turn your garage into a dance studio
For a lot of girls, dance class plays a huge part in their childhood lives. It usually starts out as one class a week, and then gradually increases if it becomes their passion. Those individuals grow up and become teachers, and the cycle continues. While dance teachers usually find a studio to Continue Reading...