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Car Garage
One of the most idealized visions of the American dream involves having a great car and being able to go anywhere you want. This is no stereotype, either. 93 percent of American households own at least one vehicle. Having a car isn’t just’s a source of pride. Traditionally, we keep Continue Reading...
garage home office conversion
Whether you’re working from home or trying to find a new job, there can be benefits to having a home office. By having a home office, you can increase productivity. Nicholas Bloom, Eberle Professor in the Department of Economics at Stanford University, gave a Ted Talk on whether remote workers are Continue Reading...
The garage in modern-day America can be a very unique space. Many people use their garages in different ways. Some people park their cars in the garage, while others use it as a space to store anything from outdoor equipment to seasonal decorations. With so many different garage options today, we Continue Reading...
Men playing games in room
What is your version of the perfect mancave? For me, I always see the same image. It’s a fairly large room, the size of a bedroom or bigger. It’s in a quiet part of the house, with some large windows to let in light when I want it, but they have big curtains to block out the light when Continue Reading...
Garage Gym Conversion
It is not easy to stay in shape anymore! Many of us are trying to isolate ourselves as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With gyms being closed, how are we supposed to stay in shape? In addition to our own work we have to accomplish, some now have the added responsibilities of Continue Reading...
Monkey Bars Shelving
Almost 1 in 4 Americans claim their garage is too cluttered to park their car(s) inside. This means there are millions of homes around the US with underutilized garages. Garages have become the dumping ground for anything and everything deemed non-essential to those living inside. This is why a Continue Reading...
Garage Cabinet Storage
Imagine you have a jar that needs to fit sand, rocks and some pebbles. You decide to start with the sand, followed by the rocks and pebbles. No matter what you do, the rocks and pebbles won’t fit in the jar with the sand. But, if you start with the rocks and pebbles, you find that the sand settles Continue Reading...