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Frequently Asked Questions

Shelves & Racks

It depends on what your needs are, but an average Monkey Bars system, installed, with everything hanging is usually about 1/3 the cost in the same space than any other installed Garage storage system. An average system cost is between $1,800 to $2,400 dollars.
It would take us just as long to figure out which hooks you need as it does to get your things up on the hooks. It really doesn’t usually take long to hang things up for you. We get a lot of practice.
We have a limited lifetime warranty for brackets, bars, hooks and hardware. If any of these things break under normal use, they will be replaced.
If you have 1,000 lbs distributed weight on the upper shelf (every 4 feet), there is still plenty capacity to put several hundred pounds of weight on the rack, especially with the bars closer to the wall. The shelves have been tested to hold over four times the advertised rating for safety.
The Monkey bars are designed to hold distributed weight of 200 lbs. Depending on which one is used, the hooks can hold from 30 to 100 lbs. The longer hooks have less capacity than the shorter hooks. The wider the rear support, the greater capacity.
Not at all, if you apply safe ladder and lifting practices. We recommend that the containers for the shelves are packed at a weight that the shelf user can easily lift the containers at least head height. Use only a sturdy “step” ladder positioned so that you are walking toward the shelf. Place the ladder so the top is at least two or three feet away from the shelf. It can be helpful to hand containers to others on the ground. Avoid twisting while lifting.
In most cases the shelves are installed in one day with very few exceptions. This also includes the hanging of your items under the shelf.
Efficiency. The concept is to free up space in the garage by putting seldom used container items in “wasted” space that is out of the way. To avoid crowded traffic routes and spaces, especially in small garages, shelves over the head is the best solution.
They can hold at least four times the weight capacity. There will be no stress cracks as typically seen in ceiling racks. They do not affect the amount of light in the garage. Items can be stacked as high as the ceiling will allow. The height can be exactly customized to your needs. There is an added option to hang items under the shelves with bars and hooks.
There are several reasons: It is always much better to get more minds involved in garage solutions, especially anyone who may be using any part of the garage. The shelves are custom installed based on the height of the users and what is going to be stored.

Garage Cabinets

GG Cabinets are made form 3/4"-1" thick particle board coated with melamine. Melamine can come in a variety of colors, designs, and wood grains. They are moisture resistant and won’t rot or warp as compared to wood cabinets.
Gorgeous Garage Cabinets use 3mm edge banding on all doors and drawer fronts because it is very durable and won’t peel over time. We are able to mount the cabinets to directly to the wall studs, eliminating the need for legs. This makes it much easier to clean underneath the cabinets. Both our shelves and drawer glides are rated to hold 100 lbs without bowing or breaking.
We offer a wide range of cabinet sizes to fit almost any garage. Check with you local dealer to see what they offer. The cabinet configurations can be customized to fit your needs and work best in your garage.
Gorgeous Garage cabinets are made of melamine and formica. Most multi-purpose cleaners work fine on these surfaces. There are cleaners that are specific to cabinets and countertops that are encouraged. A damp rag will often do the trick. *We highly discourage the use of citrus cleaners due to the fact that they will eat/burn the color out of your cabinet.
The Gorgeous Garage Cabinet line comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which can be accessed here.

Floor Coatings

Typical installations will take 1 ½ days to complete. However, smaller jobs can be done in a single day
We have cracks and minor imperfections in floors on almost every job. Our crack repair materials will fix almost any crack and hide it from sight once the floor is complete. You will likely never know where the crack was by the time the job is finished.
Unlike most do it yourself floors where you have to avoid driving on it for several days, you can walk on this coating in as little as 2 hours and drive on it in just 24 hours!
The floors can be slippery when wet because they are impervious to liquids. The full layer of chips adds texture to help with the slipperiness. If this is a real concern for you then a special anti-slip product can be added to the top coat for an additional charge.
Our coatings are impervious to liquids so oil and chemicals can be wiped up without staining the floor. Dirt and other debris can be washed out simply with a hose or light pressure wash. You will be amazed at how easily the floor comes clean.
The difference is the process and products that we use. First we take the time and have the equipment to grind the concrete. Next, we use the highest quality products that are on the market. These products are for professional install only; therefore they are not watered down with additional solvents to aid with installing like DIY kits are. This gives your floor the guarantee of remaining stuck to the concrete and remains strong enough to handle a lot of wear and tear.
No. Unlike the cheaper kits on the market, our products have a high solids content, which means less solvents and less VOC’s emitted that evaporate into the air.
There are numerous benefits to choosing colors flakes over a solid epoxy coating, those advantages include: A full layer of chips for extra protection to your concrete. A broad range of chip colors to choose from to match you garage/home. The color flakes add texture to the floor for slip resistance. The color flakes also cover up and hide cracks and chips in your concrete.
The cost for the floor varies and it is almost impossible to give a quote without coming to your home and looking at the condition of the concrete, the amount of cracks that may need repaired, and stem walls that you may want to coat as well as color options and size of the garage floor.
Yes the coatings we offer are suitable for a number of different applications including garages, patios, basements, steps, sidewalks and more! Our UV stable top coat will not yellow or fade in the sun.
No problem, our coating are resistant to almost all harmful chemicals. It is recommended that you wipe them up as soon as possible but they should not harm the coating.

Modular Flooring: Swisstrax®

Yes, you can choose as many colors as you wish for the same price. Come up with your own design and something that matches your style or you favorite car.
Yes, using a flat-edged screwdriver you are able to pop out a single tile from the middle without affecting the rest of the floor. This can come in useful if anything I spilled on the floor and needed to be cleaned up.
Yes, our floor tiles are made with about 8% rubber in the polypropylene mix making them easy to walk on and better for your knees and back than a cement surface.
We manufacture these tiles with UV resistors so they are extremely resistant to fading. However when left in the sun all day they can slightly fade but usually not enough to ever notice.
Yes, these tiles can support up to 5,120 PSI (pounds per square inch).
Yes, our tiles can be easily cut using a table saw or circular saw to your specific installation needs.
Swisstrax is resistant to almost everything except for battery acid. Make sure to keep away from direct heat sources such as butane torches as well.
Swisstrax tiles have an effective anti-slip ingredient mixed into the polypropylene which keeps them slip free when wet. Most of the competitors simply spray on an anti-slip mixture after production which gradually wears off, whereas Swisstrax has it mixed in during production, so it won't ever wear off.
Swisstrax is the Ferrari of modular flooring. We have the highest performing tiles, which hold much more psi than those of the competition. Swisstrax has an industry leading warranty, and superior locking system to the other brands.
Depending on the size of the garage, our garage floor tiles can be installed in as little as 2 hours but would usually take no longer than 4-6 hours even on the largest garages.
Yes the floor tiles have a 15 year warranty. If ever a tile were to break or get damaged by anything we would be happy to replace those tiles.
The beauty of the garage floor tiles is no prep work required to the concrete. A light sweeping or blowing out of any dust and debris that may be on the floor is all that is needed. No grinding or acid etching required.
As soon as the garage floor is complete you can begin using it. There is no wait time.
Not going to be in your home very long? No problem, simply unsnap the floor and take it with you to your new home, even if your design doesn’t fit your new garage you can order a few more and custom install it to fit any garage floor.

Overhead Storage

Each 4x8 unit is rated for 750 lbs when hung from the ceiling and 1000 lbs when one side is mounted to a wall.
When properly installed the units are completely safe and secure. Our overhead storage racks are built to install on 4 trusses so that the weight is carried by more load-bearing members. In addition, there is a 2” safety lip around the edge of the platform to prevent storage items from being pushed off of the platform. Authorized Gorgeous Garage dealers are well trained to ensure that proper installation procedures are followed.
Each unit is designed to adjust in several different ways to maximize the available storage space. At maximum capacity, each 4X8 unit has 120 cubic feet of storage space.
There is a limited lifetime warranty on our overhead storage racks. Read the details of the warranty here.
Absolutely! Our overhead racks are modular and can be joined together in many sizes and configurations. Authorized Gorgeous Garage Dealers can consult with you to design a system that meet your needs.
Since you have paid for every square foot of space in your home, it only make sense to use all of it. Overhead storage racks allow you to utilize space that is typically left empty, allowing you to use floor space more effectively.
While items are easily accessed with a ladder, its best to use these racks to store items that are used more infrequently, leaving lower spaces to store items that are used daily or weekly. Your Authorized Gorgeous Garage dealer can provide storage racks for hanging your frequently used items so that they are readily accessible.