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The idea for Monkey Bars Shelving began in 1999 when entrepreneur, Jared Newman, found that while he had the square footage needed to park a car in his garage, he didn’t have the space. When he couldn’t find a solution that allowed him to store everything in his garage and still have a place to park, he decided to create his own. Jared went to work building a storage system that would be sturdy, easy to use, and space efficient. The concept not only worked in his own garage, but started to catch on with others in his neighborhood. This led to the beginning of Monkey Bars in 2002. Since then, Monkey Bar Storage has grown to include more than 120 dealers throughout North America, and has been featured on Extreme Home Makeover,, Property Brothers, and other industry experts. In 2019 the organization rebranded to Gorgeous Garage to further its mission in transforming garages through a variety of solutions and products.

Our versatile shelves, racks, cabinets and flooring can be customized to meet your unique needs and are adjustable as your needs change. By providing top-tier products and excellent customer service, dealers throughout North America have helped thousands of homeowners reclaim their garages.