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We are always looking for ways to be more organized, and we want to share our ideas with you.

With our busy lives we don’t have time to be unorganized. Whether it be in our garage or in our daily planner, clutter can really get in our way. Here are a few ways that we can organize our lives: The Garage: For most guests, the entrance to our home is through the front door. Imagine for a moment Continue Reading...
Setting Up the Holidays Safely
Thanksgiving is here and the end of the year holidays are coming fast! During this holiday season many families like to share in the holiday spirit by decorating their homes inside and out. I was always the one in my family to organize the “holiday prep squad” (usually just my sisters and me) and Continue Reading...
Thanksgiving Storage Solutions
Thanksgiving is just one day out of 365. Unfortunately, that one day can be very stressful for many people. Planning the food, the place settings, and asking yourself, “How is everyone going to fit?” can be activities filled with anxiety. If you want to decrease the stress before Thanksgiving Continue Reading...