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Organize Your Life: From the Garage to the Daily Planner

With our busy lives we don’t have time to be unorganized. Whether it be in our garage or in our daily planner, clutter can really get in our way. Here are a few ways that we can organize our lives:

The Garage: For most guests, the entrance to our home is through the front door. Imagine for a moment bikes and baseball bats lying in the path to get to your front door. You wouldn’t just leave them there to be stepped over each day. But we usually don’t use the front door in our own home, we use the garage. So why should we be complacent with it being unorganized? Garage shelving and overhead storage could be just what we need to free up that vital space. Great is the day when we open that garage door after a long day of work and there is room to park our car, then we can take that sigh of relief.

The Daily Planner: Most of us keep some kind of notes of what we need to do each day or at least some upcoming events. Whether it’s on a smart phone or a pad of paper we need to organize our time so we don’t miss something. Many times we don’t figure enough time in the day for the things that matter most like playing with our kids or giving more attention to a loved one. Organizing our time can be just as important as anything in keeping a balanced life.

Our Life Goals: We all have dreams and aspirations in life. We can have goals as big as curing cancer or goals as small as going to the gym (which to some is just as difficult). Writing down and organizing our goals will help us to achieve them. As we make plans to attain our goals we can see real progress in our lives.

As we consider each one of these steps we need to recognize that a conscious decision to remove the clutter can help us lead happier more fulfilling lives. Taking the time to organize lets us enjoy the time we have with the people that matter most.

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