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garage food storage

4 Garage Food Storage Tips and Tricks

A common New Years resolution for families is focusing on emergency preparedness and food storage. Food storage comes in handy when a natural disaster strikes or financial troubles cut your food budget. But where should food storage go? Many homeowners overlook their garage as the ideal space for food storage. Garage food storage is possible with the proper storage equipment and conditions.


1. Protected From the Elements:
Food products intended for longer-term storage must remain dry. This means 10% or less moisture! A good way to keep your food dry and protected from the elements is storing them in garage cabinets. The food storage will be safe from moisture and dust while being stored out of sight. Practical and attractive!

2. Organized Rotating:
A vital part of keeping food storage is making sure you rotate it occasionally to ensure freshness. Garage cabinets can be instrumental in the rotating process. When you buy new food storage, place that food in the back of the cabinet. Then move older food storage to the front of the cabinet. Garage food storage arranged this way will indicate what food should be eaten first.

3. Keep the Critters Out:
Rodents and animals have a knack for sniffing out food. Keep your garage food storage up off the ground with overhead racks or garage cabinets.This will keep unwanted pests out. Bonus:garage overhead racks can hold up to 1000 pounds of food storage!

4. Food Sunscreen:
Did you know that plastic containers and bottles deteriorate in the sun? Plastic or PETE ( polyethylene terephthalate) products should be protected from UV rays to prevent plastic from breaking down and leaking. Garage Cabinets also serve as a great way to protect your garage food storage from light.

Get started on your food storage by first selecting the proper storage products. If stored properly, food storage can last 30 or more years! Before you know it, you will be prepared for any emergency!

Additional tips:
-Be sure to keep food storage in 75°F (24°C) or lower for longer shelf life
-Try to have a sufficient amount for three months
-Buy 2 or 3 items for food storage every time you go grocery shopping
-Products like wheat, rice and beans last longer

garage food storage