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Add The Wow Factor To Your Garage

Our shelving will get everything up and out of the way, and a beautiful floor will transform your garage from a concrete storage unit into a beautiful living space. Our garage flooring options will enhance the attractiveness of your garage while also making the floor easier to clean and maintain.

Features & Benefits

  • Industrial StrengthOur garage flooring solutions can endure the toughest punishment
  • Easy To CleanMaintaining a pristine appearance is no problem
  • Chemical ResistantDon't cry over spilled gas or oil
  • Professional InstallAuthorized dealers to ensure the best solution
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When to Use Garage Flooring & Why

Floor Coatings Modular Flooring
harley garage flooring
crack repair

We grind and fill all the cracks in your floor, giving dirt no place to hide.

epoxy garage floors
stem walls and stairs

Our floor coatings can be applied to stem walls and stairs, giving your garage a truly finished look.

floor tiles
color options

We have hundreds of color combos available so you can pick a unique hue to match your cars or cabinets.

modular flooring
easy drainage

RibTrax garage floor tiles allow dirt and liquids to pass through creating a non-slippery surface.

Flooring Belt

High Performace

From the daily routine to major car repair, our garage flooring will handle just about anything.

Custom Color Options

We can match your house, your car, or anything you can dream up.

Ask Our Professional

Our dealers will guide you through finding the best solution for your garage flooring needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Monkey Bars is truly the most versatile storage system I have ever used."

"We gained an unprecedented amount of space in our garage."

"You were not only helpful with the designing and installing the Monkey Bars Storage System but with the overall improvement of the garage as well."