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Flooring Options

Garage Floor Coating: When & Why

Our garage floor coating options are a permanent and spectacular solution for any garage. We diamond grind your floor to improve adhesion to the concrete and protect your floor against peeling or lifting. Because of the flooring's chemical and scratch resistant properties, cleaning and maintaining your garage floor will be easier than ever. Stem walls and stairs can also be covered with our garage floor coating solutions for a completely seamless and beautiful floor. Additionally, the flooring options we provide are UV stable. This means that color of your floor won't fade or yellow in the sunlight. An array of color options are available for a look that will fit your style.

Polyurea/epoxy specs

one day installation

If you choose Polyurea for your garage floor coating, you will be able to use your garage floor the very next day due to the fast-drying qualities associated with this type of flooring.

crack & joint repair

We will fill in cracks and concrete joints in your floor to create a seamless floor that looks great and is a breeze to sweep or spray out.

maintenance free

We only use the toughest polyurea top coat, which means you won't need to add another coat next year... or the year after that.

no peeling or flaking

Our flooring is guaranteed against hot tire pick up, which means you don't have to worry about peeling or flaking. Your floor will always look as good as new.

Color Options

White Granite
Teton Greige
Dolphin Pearl
Gray Marble
Cobalt Blue
Race Day Red
Sonic Yellow
Micro Saddletan
Micro Marble
Ask your local dealer for other color options

Flooring Details

  1. Prepared Concrete(diamond grinding)Cracks and seams are filled and the whole floor is diamond grinded to smooth the surface & for superior adhesion in the second step.
  2. Polyurea/Epoxy Base Coat(primer)Next a tinted primer base coat is added on top of the grinded floor.
  3. Layer of Decorative Chips(full coverage)Third is a full layer of decorative chips. The chips are broad-cast for even and full coverage. Full range of colors available.
  4. Polyurea Top Coat(high durability clear coat)The final step is a highly durable, chemical resistant, & UV stable top coat. This means it won't discolor over time, keeping your flooring looking pristine.

High Performace

From the daily routine to major car repair, our garage flooring will handle just about anything.

Custom Color Options

We can match your house, your car, or anything you can dream up.

Ask Our Professional

Our dealers will guide you through finding the best solution for your garage flooring needs.