where to store christmas gifts

Where to Store Christmas Items

Here's a typical 'after Christmas' scenario: You've just finished celebrating the holiday season with friends and family. Every minute was enjoyable and memorable. Now the celebration is over, and you realize you went a little further with your decorating than you've ever gone before. Everything was stunning, but now that it's over where are you going to put everything?

Don't worry, organizing, and storing your Christmas items is not as difficult as you may think, and most homes have more storage areas than are fully utilized. Here are the steps to organizing and storing your holiday decorations.

Storing Christmas Decorations

The main goal here is to have your Christmas decorations undamaged, easy to find, and easy to access when next season rolls around. Each item will require a different type of storage and may need special care or consideration in order to survive until the next holiday season. Before you start, try to find one major storage area. This will prevent straggling items that don't make it out of the box from year to year. If you have half of your ornaments in the garage and the other half in the back of your daughter's closet, things tend to get lost. The best storage option for all items is the garage. Dedicate a specific area and install shelving as needed. The Monkey Bar system can provide everything you need for headache free organizing.

Christmas Tree- While you may think stuffing your artificial tree back into the box it came in is a good idea, this is not true. Cardboard Christmas tree boxes tend to deteriorate quickly and attract pests like mice and roaches. Instead, consider using a plastic bin or a bag for your tree. Install shelving in your garage and make sure the bin you choose will fit correctly. This will make it easy for you to find your Christmas tree while protecting it from dust, pests, and moisture.

Christmas Linens- Each year, you place a skirt under your tree, decorate your kitchen table with a holiday inspired tablecloth, and probably use festive kitchen towels and oven mitts. Some families even use special Christmas bath towels. Storing all these items properly is important to prevent exposure to moisture. Use a clearly labeled plastic tote or bin with a tightly fitting lid for storage. You may want to place them in a plastic bag first, for additional protection. To keep the linens fresh all year long, place a fabric sheet between each one.

Ornaments- Place ornaments in cardboard or plastic trays specifically designed to hold them. These are stackable, will prevent breakage, and can be stacked on top of each other before placing them all in a plastic bin. Don't forget to label!

Christmas Lights- Avoid that tangled mess of lights by carefully wrapping your Christmas lights around cardboard before placing in a plastic storage bin. Separate indoor lights from outdoor sets and store them separately to prevent confusion.

Christmas Wreaths- Instead of pulling out a smashed Christmas wreath every year and spending twenty minutes trying to fluff it up, store it in a special wreath bin to prevent damage. Label and store on a shelf with your other Christmas decoration for easy access.  

As the holiday season ends, keep these storage tips in mind. If you don't have a designated storage area or convenient shelving in your garage, there's no time like now to check out the Monkey Bars garage storage system. With easy to install and unique options, we can help create a system just for you.

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where to store christmas gifts