Utilizing Garage Space

Utilizing Garage Space

If you have ever felt like your garage is getting smaller, or that the walls are getting closer, then you are in luck. Why are you in luck? Because we at Gorgeous Garage have great tips and ideas of how you can utilize garage space, and regain control of your garage.

Not all garages are as spacious as we would like them to be, so the key to garage organization is utilizing garage space that you already have. We have come up with a great system to maximize space, and save you time and money.

Get Items Off the Ground

The first step is to get the items off the ground. Most people have successfully used the space from the floor up to a height of about 5-6 ft. However your typical garage has a height from floor to ceiling of about 10 ft., which gives you an extra 4 ft. of storage possibilities (vertically). Our suggestion is to incorporate a shelving system that allows you to take advantage of that extra 4 ft. and still maintain the storage underneath.

Shelving Suggestions

The Monkey Bar shelving system is unique among all other shelving systems. Our system can store your things in just 1/3 the space of other systems. This is because our shelving can hold up to 1000 pounds for every 4ft. of shelving. This allows you to store more items, in a smaller space, allowing greater space saving possibilities.

Effectively Using Ceiling Space

Accompanying the shelving systems, the extra space above our vehicles (and yes the garage is the place you park them) is a readily available area to store your long-term, less used items. Overhead storage racks are a perfect tool to utilize the extra space, and to keep your items up off the floor, and safe from any water or pest damage.


This is not a space saving practice per se, however finding a storage system that is customizable to your garage allows for many configurations, which in the end can save a great deal of space. Utilizing garage space means that you maximize your available space, and a customizable storage system is just the trick to do so.

If these steps are followed, you will have successfully regained the space you once had, and have become a more proactive and organized person. For more tips and ideas, visit our YouTube Channel to see other suggestions on how to utilize your garage space.

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