Transition into Fall

The Fall Season is just around the corner now, and with the changing weather brings lots of outdoor projects and other needs. During this time of the year, your garage can be the most valuable and used space in your home. Is your garage up to the task? Having versatile shelving in your garage that can adjust to your changing needs can really help make this time of year easier.

Finishing projects

If you are anything like me, then you probably still have some summer projects to wrap up. Anything from trimming the last tree in your yard or tinkering with the car a bit more can add to your need for a great indoor/outdoor place like the garage. Since the nights will be growing cooler, you cannot really leave your tools out in the elements leaning against the house. All of your yard tools needing a place in your garage can really clutter it up fast. A sturdy garage shelf with underhanging bars and hooks that easily hold all of the yard tools is a great way to store your items. This can leave enough room for you to park that car project in the garage overnight too!

The New Season

One of the best parts of this time of year is of course football season. If you have kids who play or even if you are a big enthusiast and still play a little yourself, there is no doubt you will be tracking in mud, leaves, water and other mess into your home. That’s why the best transition from playing hard outside to coming inside to relax is the garage. Before you step foot on the soft carpet in your home, it’s always a good idea to pop into the garage first and hang your gear up, take off your muddy shoes and shake off a bit. Your garage should be easy to use and easy to clean, which is why it’s best if you have garage flooring that wipes clean quickly and easily. The pores on concrete really make it hard to clean dirt off of a basic garage floor, but if you have invested in a great looking epoxy finish, a broom can sweep away all the mud, water and leaves you track in during the season. In order to be able to enjoy the changing season make sure you are prepared with a great garage.

Storing Sports Equipment

With all the fun that comes with the outdoor sports of the fall it also brings with it a lot of gear that you or your kids will need. From shin guards and shoulder pads to baseball bats and all of the various balls that they all use. Storing sports equipment can sometimes be difficult, because they come in many different shapes and sizes. Luckily the Monkey Bar system offers a great solution for storing all of your oddly shaped sports equipment. Our uniquely designed sports bag that hangs underneath our strong shelves has the ability to hold all of the balls from the various sports without taking up to much space. A feature that makes this hanging storage bag special is the side access opening that allows you to take out your basketball from the bottom or middle of the bag without having to dig or dump out all the other sports balls. To go along with the bag, our hooks and racks also have the ability to hold all of your bats, rackets and helmets in a space saving way. Get the most use out of your garage today, by having a Monkey Bar storage system installed today!

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