Top 5 Garage Racks

Are you tired of tripping over garden tools and sporting equipment every time you walk through your garage? Has it been a while since you've visibly confirmed the color of the garage floor? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Plenty of people deal with garage clutter. One of the reasons many individuals fail to organize is simply because they aren't aware of all of the cool options available. If you think garage organization is limited to a few shelves and storage bins, think again. Whatever you've got going on in your garage, there's a Monkey Bars Garage Storage Rack designed just for you.

Why racks? Using garage racks will not only get items off the floor, but organize them in a way that shelving alone can not accomplish. Using racks for the items you use most frequently will keep them handy, organized, and will also help you stick to your commitment to keep an organized garage. Here's the breakdown of some of our coolest garage racks.

Best Garage Racks

There are many types of garage racks. Here are just a few that you may enjoy using in your garage.

Bike Rack- If you are an avid bike rider, own a few bikes, or just have kids that like to ride, storing these bikes, especially in winter, can be a problem. The slightest bit of moisture can cause your bikes to rust, so leaving them outside is out of the question. However, with an already full garage, propping them up in the corner is not an option either. By installing just one bike rack, you can store up to six bikes in your garage. The unique design of our rack allows you to hang the bikes on hooks from their tires and keep them out of the way and off the floor.

Camping Rack- Camping out in the woods can get dirty and messy, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sleep in a dirty and messy tent. After all, isn’t your tent supposed to protect you from the elements? If you want to keep your tent clean, consider using a camping rack. This type of rack can not only hold a tent, but can also be the perfect storage solution for your sleeping bags, camping chairs, and backpacks.

Chair Rack- Are you tired of folding chairs cluttering your garage and closets? While these chairs may be extremely helpful for family reunions and other get-togethers, there’s a good chance you don’t have to use them every day. When it comes time to store them, using a storage rack designed specifically for chair can keep the chairs out of the way, yet easily available for when you need them.

Garden Tool Rack- As winter approaches, make sure your tools are safe from rust producing moisture by neatly hanging them up on a garden tool rack. Our racks are specially made to hold bulky items like rakes, shovels, weed whackers, and leaf blowers. Storing these items off the floor will allow your tools to stay safe, operational, and locatable for years to come.

Golf Bag Rack- For those who love to hit the green, a golf bag rack is the perfect solution. These specialty racks will allow you to keep your golf bags free of moisture and will help you keep all of your golf equipment in one place. If you have your bags on shelves, it will also free up space on your storage shelving for other items.

When it comes to organizing your garage, consider using one of the many garage racks. Those are our top 5 most popular racks, but we truly carry garage racks for practically every hobby and interest. From horse tack racks to ski and snowboard racks, we've got what you need!

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