Top 10 Garage Organizing Tips

Does your garage resemble an episode of Hoarders? Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but you may be moving in that direction. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are items stacked everywhere but nothing seems to have a ‘home’?

Is your lawn mower sitting outside of your garage covered with a tarp or on your back porch because you just don’t have room for it in your garage?

Do you put off home projects and repairs because your tools are not easy to locate?

Your garage may be a large part of your home, but if you are not using it to its full potential, you are losing a lot of prime storage space. If you are tired of the clutter and ready to  organize your garage, Monkey Bars garage storage systems has your answer.

Finding the Right Place for Everything

Before you begin setting up your Monkey Bars shelving, hooks, and peg boards to create an organized space in your garage, you should first consider the following organizational tips.

Making Time - Begin your organization when you will have several hours of uninterrupted time. This will ensure you have the time to properly map out, organize and complete your project. If you take on the project in chunks of time, you'll be much more likely to make progress, instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Think About the Weather - Choose an organization time when the weather is nice. You may need to drag out a few items outdoors temporarily.  A rainy day can put a halt to your efforts.

Map Out Your Plan - Determine the categories of items you have in your garage. For instance, you may have automotive equipment, gardening and lawn care tools, toys, holiday decorations, sports equipment, and much more. First make your list, then separate each item into a category for easier storage.

Determine Your Needs - Once you've mapped out your plan, you'll have a better understanding of your exact needs. This will allow you to choose the right pieces for your Monkey Bar storage system to create storage space tailored to meet your unique needs.  You may need shelving, hooks, cabinets, racks, a workbench, or a combination of several pieces.

Measure Carefully - We know you may be on a roll once you've started your cleaning and organizing frenzy, but don't guesstimate. You'll want to be sure boxes and bins will fit correctly on your shelves. Check the width as well as the height between each shelf.

Labeling and Storage Tips - Now that you've come this far, be sure to label your bins to easily find items. Store holiday decorations and items not used regularly towards the back.

Grouping - Store similar items near each other. For example, your gardening tools should be located near the lawn care items.

Keep Safety in Mind - Store chemicals and sharp object up high, out of reach of small fingers. Store children’s toys far away from these objects as well to prevent accidental access.

De-clutter the Rest of Your Home - Think about moving some of the items in the back of your closet into the garage. Once your garage is organized, you may have room for luggage and other items hogging your closet space.

Keep Up the Good Work - It's easy to fall into old habits. Encourage household members to help. By putting things away directly after use you won't have to tackle this major project again.

Organizing your garage with Monkey Bars garage storage systems will help you take control of your garage space and simplify your life.

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