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Tips For Organizing Outdoor Gear

The warm weather of summer brings forward a plethora of fun outdoor activities. However, it’s sometimes hard to find a spot to store, let alone organize, all your outdoor gear. Use these tips to easily organize all your outdoor gear that is currently cluttering your garage.

Eliminate Unused Items: If you have the newest state of the art outdoor gear, then it’s most likely that you started out with a cheaper option. And if you are like 50% of Americans, then you likely have kept your unused gear in the garage for years without even touching it. Go through your gear and make a pile of all that unused stuff. Think about giving it to a newly married couple, selling it, or donating it. Getting rid of all your unused stuff will give you more room for your newer and more frequently used items.

Utilize Wall and Ceiling Space: When you are out of space, look up. The easiest way to gain space is to take advantage of unused ceiling and wall space in your garage, basement, attic, or other store area. If you have a lot of small items like tents of camping chairs, use overhead storage racks to store them out of the way. Be sure to look for racks that have a large weight capacity and multiple mountings. Doing so will ensure that the item will not fall down, even when pressure is applied. If you have low ceilings, try using a shelving system. Again, it is important to look for a brand that offers a high weight capacity, making sure the shelving will not bend over time. Even better are systems that come with a lifetime warranty.

Hooks and Stackable Options: If you’re unaware of hook shelving systems, then you’ve been missing out! These are the best option for someone who has a lot of store and not enough room to do it in. Through using a hook system you can get everything up and off the floor, and the items are easily accessible at eye level. No more digging around trying to find that fishing pole or sports equipment. Just like overhead storage and shelving, it is important to use brands that their hooks come with high weight capacity so they don’t break or bend over time. Some brands even offer the option for buying single hooks that serve different purposes for unique items. Read reviews before purchasing to see how the hook systems have worked for other buyers.

Customize: You invested a lot of money into your outdoor gear, you should invest into the proper storage of it. By properly storing your items, you’ll increase the lifespan of the item and keep it looking newer for longer. Consider companies that offer customization for organizing outdoor gear that can be installed by professionals. Chances are, if you’re searching for a storage solution for that one special item, then a company can provide you with it.

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Tips for organizing outdoor gear