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Smart Garage Storage Solutions: What to Store on the Back Wall of Your Garage

We've provided plenty of posts about remodeling. We've taught you how to turn your garage into the perfect man cave, a mini-apartment, and even a gardening center. But what about those of us who still want a place to park the family vehicle while also maximizing the rest of the garage for ultimate storage abilities? If you don't want to knock out any walls, build anything, or get rid of your stuff, --good news!

Here are some clever garage storage ideas that will make the best use of every inch of your garage space.  Today, we'll take a look at what should be stored on the back wall of your garage.

The Back Wall

If you park your car inside the garage, you'll pass that back wall every time you get ready to leave the house. The back wall is also closest to the inside of the home. So, why not take advantage of these facts when planning out your garage shelving, hooks, and storage?

Drop down garage shelving will allow you to store all the things you'll need when leaving the house. You know, all those things you wish you would have remembered once you're driving down the road. Here's a blueprint for your back wall garage shelving:

  • A bin for umbrellas
  • A bin or cleaning caddy with paper towels, window cleaner, upholstery spot remover, a small sponge or scrub brush, and air freshener. Use these items for on the spot cleaning or tidying up your vehicle after a road trip.
  • A hand held vacuum to pick up crumbs and debris.
  • Hooks attached to your shelving to hold reusable, environmentally friendly shopping bags.
  • An area for your running shoes, golf shoes, and sports equipment.
  • A garage shelf for your gym bag, packed and ready with your extra set of gym clothes, towels, socks, etc.
  • A bin with things to keep your young child busy on short trips to the store. This can include books or other car-friendly toys. If you keep them in the garage and only use these items for road trips, your child will be much more likely to be entertained by them, since they won't be something that they play with every day. Keep enough items in this bin to cycle them, so nothing get's old.
  • A bar bracket with hooks to hold mops, brooms, floor dusters, and extension cords.

Any items that you'll be using inside the house should also be conveniently stored on the back wall of your garage. This includes larger pantry items such as 2 liters of soda, large water bottles, multi-packs of paper towels or toilet tissue, large bags of dog food or cat litter, and anything else that would take up too much room inside the house.

Plan out the back wall properly and you'll have the ultimate convenience when it comes to garage storage solutions!


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