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Your Home Auto Shop

Setting Up Your Home Auto Shop

Many car enthusiasts know that it can be near impossible to work on your car if you don’t have the right equipment and an organized space. In order to make your garage ready for any job, here are a few things you need to consider:

1. Lighting: Make sure you have lighting that is bright enough for you to see everything in your garage (especially for when you are working from the garage door down); but, avoid lighting that is too bright that might annoy the neighbors.

2. Flooring: Protect your floor with an epoxy coating so that you can have easy clean-ups and avoid those ugly oil stains.

3. Wall Storage: Be sure to have some heavy duty shelves or cabinets to keep all of your tools, chemicals (oil), and spare parts organized and available at a moment’s notice.

4. First Aid Kit: The garage can be a dangerous place with all of the tools that you use while working on your car. Keep a first aid kit in plain sight and easy to reach in case of emergencies.

5. Garage Sink: Keep the inside of your house clean and keep yourself safe with a sink inside your garage. That way you can clean yourself quickly in case of emergency or simply wash up before dinner!

6. Workbench: Invest in either a mounted or mobile workbench to keep all of your frequently used tools at the ready for when you are under the hood.

7. Shop Lifts: When looking for a shop lift for your home garage, make sure you invest in either a good quality hydraulic floor jack or a larger two post lift that will properly support your car so you can avoid any dangerous mishaps.

In the end, safety and efficiency will be key for you to get the most out of your home auto shop. Be sure to get professional advice or assistance if you feel that your garage transformation is going to need some outside help.

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