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Quick Tips to Stop Hoarding and Start Organizing


I have always watched those hoarding shows and thought to myself “How do those people let their home get so out of hand?”. I have also realized that it doesn’t just happen all at once. Little by little, day by day, things start to pile up and then your home looks like a tornado went through it and you don’t even know where to start organizing and cleaning.

To understand whether you are developing a hoarding problem or not, here are several questions you can ask yourself:

  • Have I used this in the last year?
  • Do I put off having maintenance done on my home because my things are in the way or I’m too embarrassed to let someone in?
  • Am I afraid to throw this item away because I feel as though money is wasted?
  • Is this item something sentimental?
  • Is there another item that serves its same purpose?
  • Are my possessions overtaking my ability to engage in hobbies that I enjoy, either because I no longer have the space or I can’t access my supplies?
  • Are my possessions causing tension in my relationships with my family and loved ones?
  • Am I able to keep track of my possessions and get access to what I need, when I need it?

I think everyone has hoarding tendencies on some scale. I know that I do, and it can be hard to control it. Whether you can’t seem to give up that second lawn mower, or you have an excessive amount of old clothes, here are a few things you can do to get ahead of the clutter.


Usually, when people want to shake a bad habit, they try to stop cold turkey. That is not the best way to go about it. You need to start small and slowly, that way you can really accomplish your goal without becoming overwhelmed. Start with your kitchen and throw away any old food that you find and get rid of any unused items. This will help you see what you can truly accomplish. Then start by tackling one of these four spaces in your home.


First, go through all your clothes and get rid of any unused and old clothing that you have not worn in the past year. Make two piles, one for clothing you are going to keep and another for clothing you want to donate. Put all the clothing you are getting rid of in a garbage bag and donate it for other to use that are in need. Complete donations as quickly as possible, otherwise you might have that garbage bag of clothing sitting by your backdoor for weeks! Make sure you are with an impartial friend to keep you in line and help you make these decisions. Donating your clothes will make you feel good about what you are doing. Then go back and organize all the clothes you are going to keep. This will create a happy, upbeat atmosphere that will keep you thinking positively.


Throw away any old products and donate any rarely used products to someone who could benefit from them. Safely throw away any old medications as they could be harmful if fallen into the wrong hands. This is the fun part, cleaning the entire bathroom top to bottom. Take everything that you are going to use out of the bathroom and clean those items individually. Then go through and clean out the cabinets, scrub the shower, counters and mirrors. After you are done, organize everything and reward yourself for a job well done.


Make sure to go through this space with another impartial friend to help you get rid of all unused/old items. Donate all of those rarely used items to charity and throw away everything else.


This is definitely the hardest space of them all, because the garage always seems to accumulate the most clutter. Do the same as you did with the living space, sorting through the items one by one. To go the extra mile and make your garage look more organized and open, get some clear plastic bins and shelving. Organize the items you will be keeping in those bins and label them so you know where all your things are.

Taking just a few days to go through your entire house can really make a difference and give you a happier, clutter-free, stress-free lifestyle. Remember to give yourself ample time to work on these projects to avoid feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

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