Preparing Your Home, Yard and Garage for Cooler Temperatures

Did you know that the first day of Fall is today? If you somehow missed all the Instagram posts of pumpkin spiced lattes, now you know! As the temperatures become crisper, your house needs to be prepared for the coming months. We’ve compiled three ways to help you make sure you home is fit for the winter chill.

Prepare your yard! Often times your yard is overlooked in the fall. Be sure to rake up leaves and pick up twigs around the yard before hibernating season begins. Without taking proper fall yard precautions, your yard will look like a wasteland of wet grass and left over leaves in April. Make sure gutters and downspouts are being cleaned regularly. To keep your gutters super clean, consider installing gutter guards to make the amount of debris lessened. You can also save yourself a headache by making sure drainage areas aren’t becoming obscured by leaves and debris.

To make life simpler, clean your yard tools before winter. You will be pleasantly surprised at how clean they are next year. Before cleaning your yard tools, make sure all low hanging and dead branches and limbs have been trimmed. Left unkempt, trees can be hazardous during a winter storm.

Make sure you home is ready. Shingles, chimneys, skylights and pipes can all make winter less bearable if they aren’t taken care of. Loose or curling shingles should be addressed so that your home is protected from snow, sleet, rain and more. If you notice that your roof has sustained a lot of damage this past year, it’s time to get a professional’s opinion. Checking your attic to make sure everything is insulated is also an important step that can keep your home warm and dry.

Fall is a great time to check fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure batteries work and are ready to detect either harmful circumstance. Speaking of fires, make sure you clean out and have a professional inspect fireplaces before you begin lighting up this fall. This will make avoiding chimney fires and carbon monoxide a breeze.

Don't forget to prepare the garage for cooler temps. It’s not too late to make sure your garage is ready for winter. Keeping items clear of potential water is of high importance. Whether you live in a climate cold enough to create ice on your storage or you just live in a climate where winters are wet, both are perfect breeding ground for damaging conditions. Another way to make sure everything is protected is to get rid of the cardboard boxes and opt for rubber bins to keep everything safe and dry. We also recommend installing shelving and cabinets. Our cabinets can conceal items and are mounted off the ground. Shelving takes all your items that need to be stored out of harm's way by getting everything off the ground as well.

Whether you love this time of year or not, don’t forsake your home, yard and garage. Prepare your yard and home to minimize the possibility of your home causing you extra stress.

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