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Planning Zones In The Garage

Have a hard time organizing your garage? Or you simply don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. By helping you map out “Zones” in your garage, you’ll get started in no time. No one throws a pile of books on any library shelf, right? Each book is categorized and placed in their own section. That’s exactly what we should be doing with our garage items. Imagine the satisfaction of having a clutter-free garage. Creating a plan for the zones in your garage to help simplify your life.

Grab & Go- This section will mainly consist of items that you usually take with you when you leave the home. This zone will be close to your door, to allow for easy access as you enter and exit your home. Organize this section with shoe racks and hooks. Don’t forget to place a doormat to prevent tracking mud into your home or simply have some clean slip-on shoes handy to enter your home.

Everyday Items- This section will also be located close to your door. You want to have your everyday items close by for whenever you need them. You don't want to make your trip to the garage be a drag. Place your extra canned food, pet food, brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, etc in this zone. The idea here is convenience.

Garden & Hobby Equipment- Everyone has a hobby and eventually that hobby takes over some space. With this garden and hobby zone, you can relax and enjoy doing the things you love with the help of sturdy shelves, hooks, or racks. Clear your floors and store more, no matter the size of your garage space. Just by utilizing your walls, you will be amazed by how much storage space you really have.

Long-Term Storage- In this zone, you will store away any long-term, rarely-used, and seasonal items. Utilize your ceiling space for this zone. You heard right. Your ceiling space. With overhead storage racks, you can take advantage of your unused ceiling space, keeping your floors free from clutter.

Outdoor & Yard Equipment- It’s always great to have your frequently-used outdoor items handy when you need them. This zone will be located close to your garage door for easy access to your auto fluids, auto tools, yard work tools, lawn mowers, racks, etc. Also, any outdoor equipment you may have is perfect for this area as well. Place your bicycles, sports equipment, children’s toys, and roller skates in this zone for easy access for a day of fun.

Workstation- Don’t forget to save a section of the garage for the things you love doing most. Create a workstation for things like car repairs, woodworking, etc. Use space on the on the back wall of your garage by adding garage cabinets or a workbench. If you're a handy person, don’t forget to add slat wall for all your tools.  Another thing to keep in mind is safety. If you have any chemicals or dangerous items, make sure to lock them up in cabinets to ensure the safety of your little ones.

Now that your plan is ready to go, what are you waiting for?

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