Overcoming A Hoarders Pandemic In The Garage

They say almost 1 in 4 Americans claim their garage is too cluttered to park their car inside. This means there are millions and millions of homes around the US where a garage has become the dumping ground for anything and everything deemed non essential to those living inside.

This is a big issue.

If you fit into this category, allow me to share a few insights on how you can overcome this hoarders pandemic.

Break The Hoarding Habit

An unfortunate truth: most of us have far too many items, much more than we actually need. Dive deeper, and we soon realize that the majority of out items haven’t been used in months, some cases even years! Why do we allow our belongings to pile up? It’s a very human attribute to become sentimental towards our belongings and it can be hard to separate ourselves from them. Breaking that habit can be a difficult task, but it might just be necessary in order for you to reclaim your garage!

Attic Space

If parting with your belongings is too difficult of a task, don’t worry, there are other solutions available. For instance, making use of any unused attic space. You will still have your items within reach, but completely out of the way at the same time. If you don’t have an attic available, or if you have already used up most of your attic space, I recommend you carefully rethink skipping the previous paragraph. Otherwise, look online for nearby storage units that are available. They act just as well as any attic space, although they cost money and are a little further away.

Shelving Units

Perhaps though you have spent time purging through the majority of your storage “junk”, and you’re now looking to find homes for what little you’ve kept. There may not be anywhere appropriate to place your belongings within the home, so instead look to the walls! Garage shelves are a perfectly valid option to store items on. They help remove items from off the floor and also allow effective multi-tiered systems, enabling efficient space. Check out some shelving systems available here.

Overhead Racks

Another option available would be to purchase and install overhead storage racks. Specifically designed to act like a more accessible attic, they allow storage to be removed from the ground and into the ceiling. Typical items placed here would be those not too frequently used but still wanted nearby, such as seasonal items.

Epoxy Your Flooring

If you find yourself lacking the drive to make any progress, why not set a goal to put some TLC into your garage. For instance, strive to have your garage floor receive an epoxy coating within the next few months. This will ensure that you empty your garage to allow for such an event to take place. Once finished, why would you ever want to cover it up like before? Situations like this compel you to make room for your car.

With 1 in 4 Americans struggling to find space for their car, now is the time to reclaim your garage. Set a goal, utilize space, maximize your efficiency. Don’t treat your garage as just another dumping ground. It can be a hard task to accomplish, but not an impossible one. Once you have decided the approach you want to take, do everything in your power to make it happen. You’ll have your awesome garage back to normal in no time!

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