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Make Your Garage the Perfect Place to Hide Christmas Presents

For many parents, hiding Christmas presents can be a challenge, especially with curious children. After a few years, the ‘under-the-bed’ or ‘in-the-closet’ hiding places for presents are found and suddenly it’s time to find new hiding places. There are enough things to stress about during the holiday season without the task of finding a new hiding places for presents. With a few easy steps, you can turn your garage into the perfect place to hide presents!

Organize: It might seem easier to hide your items in a messy garage. Don’t believe it! If the mess stays, you may not be able to find the presents yourself. It’s best to start by sorting through your items, deciding what should stay and what should go as you progress. This part may take a while, so it’s best to set aside a little time to sort through your items.

Put it Up: With some garage shelves it’s easy to hide your gifts on the top shelf. You can even take it a step further by putting the Christmas presents in bins on the shelf! This makes it even harder for inquisitive children to find their presents. Garage shelves can be installed at any height, making it easier to hide things from your children…or spouse.

Lock it Up: Are your children tall enough to pull things off shelves? Maybe they are brave enough to crawl to the top and take a peek? There is another solution for hiding those presents in your garage! Lockable cabinets can make hiding Christmas presents in your garage the best idea you’ve ever had!

Christmas doesn’t have to be a constant game of capture the flag with your children. Turning your garage into the perfect present hiding place may just be the most satisfying thing you do all year!