Make Decluttering Fun

I don’t know about you, but even though I love having an organized and clean living space, I hate decluttering. It just seems so monotonous and well, boring. I have wracked my brain to come up with some ways to make this drag of a job a little bit more exciting (and let me tell you, these actually work)!
  1. Have your own personal dance party. Listening to upbeat music that you love will help instantly boost your mood. Make a playlist of music that makes you happy and play it when you set out to declutter. Though it is not required, I also strongly suggest singing and dancing a long to it (especially if you are home alone).
  2. Enlist help. My husband somehow makes everything more fun just by being there. Whenever we get to talking, 30 minutes goes by in no time! Ask a friend, family member or someone else that you enjoy being with, to come and help you. Having someone that makes you happy and whose company you enjoy will make the experience feel less like a chore and more like a hangout session.
  3. Make it into a game. When I start to declutter, I get three bins and label them: keep, giveaway and throwaway. I then turn it into a mini basketball game by trying to toss items into these different bins (as long as they aren’t breakable of course). It becomes even more fun when my husband joins in and makes it a competition. Though I am not particularly great at this game, it does make decluttering a lot less ho hum.
  4. Split up your time. I once read that our brains can handle a job for about 20 minutes without getting bored (probably less if you really hate what you are doing). I don’t know if that is true for everyone else, but I feel like that is about right for me. Break up your decluttering into 20 minute bursts with breaks in between, instead of trying to dedicate the whole day to this job.
  5. Reward yourself. I am a big believer in rewards for a job well done! I am also more likely to get motivated if there is some benefit at the end (besides having an organized home). Find a reward that will motivate you and don’t let yourself have it until you are all done! It doesn’t take much to motivate me (ice cream usually does the trick), but find something that is actually worth it to make you want to stick to the job.
  6. Declutter during the day. Open up all of your curtains and make your house bright and happy! Doing anything you can to help bring light into your house will help lift your mood and make you feel less drab. It will also help you see all of the progress you’re making!
Now go and put these tips to the test! Start today and get one step closer to having a decluttered and more organized home. Don’t forget to have fun while you work!