How To Organize Your Vehicle

The average American spends about 2.5 hours in their car each day. Your vehicle is your home away from home. Keeping it clean and organized will keep your life more organized and simple. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your car clutter free.

Everything Out: When you begin to organize your car it is important to first take everything out. Not just the juice boxes and stale french fries, but CD’s, clothing, bags, sports gear, everything. This will help you figure out what really needs to stay in the car and what can be placed in the garage or the house.

Glove Compartment: Save your glove compartment for items that need to stay in the car at all times, but need to be kept away from chocolate covered fingers or exploding ketchup packets. Items like vehicle registrations, maps, car owner’s manual, etc. should be placed in the glove compartment.

Combine: If you have tons of CD’s, CD cases, and multiple CD organizers in your car, it may be time to become technologically advanced. If you already own an ipod you can place all of the CD’s on it, taking away from the clutter in your car. For a small fee you can purchase a car charger and connector to play your music.

Car Trashcan/Bag: The best way to keep trash and clutter off the floor is to place a trashcan or bag in the car. This will keep trash from piling up on the ground. Be sure to empty it out each week so it doesn’t get full and overflow onto the floor.

Keeping your home away from home clean and organized can simplify your life. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but can make a difference on the flow of your day. 

How To Organize Your Vehicle