How to Organize a One- Car Garage


Tools, lawn mower, bikes, gardening equipment, and many other items often take over the space of the car in a one- car garage. Winter officially starts in 1 week and no one wants to scrape their car windows in the freezing cold before work every morning. Here are a few tips to organizing a small space so you can get your premium parking spot back.

Tools off the Floor:

The best way to do this is a DIY wall –mounted hanging rack. This can be as simple as mounting two pieces of lumber horizontally on your wall and drilling in hooks or large nails for each tool.  There are tons of other solutions to getting you tools off the floor but I have found that shelving that is mounted on a wall or wall mounted hanging racks work the best.

For a more put together and elegant look try wall mounted shelving from Gorgeous Garage. Their shelving can be layered making more space to store your items. They also have multiple accessories to go with the shelving such as ball bags, shoe racks, and bike racks.

Build a Workshop:

Even a small garage should have some room in the back for a workshop. You can build a workshop on even a small budget by finding cheap discarded cabinets at a home improvement resale outlet or on a local site like Craigslist.

A little upfront effort will keep your things organized and easier to maintain with more storage space.

The next step to organizing a one-car garage is mounting a pegboard. Try a galvanized steel board, which will be able to hold things that are heavier and are much more durable then particleboards. Draw an outline around each of your tools that way you know where each tool belongs and you can return it to the proper place.

Bulky and unnecessary items Out of the way:

Another step to getting your garage organized is getting everything big and bulky out of the way. I you have boxes or camping gear try either building a shed against the outside garage wall where you can keep your camping gear, trash cans, and other bulky items.

If you would prefer not to build a shed try Overhead storage racks. This will keep your items in your garage but will use the overhead wall space to keep things out of the way. 

organize a one car garage