How To Get Your Family On Board With Organization


Organization isn’t going to be on the top of the “fun” list for your family. So how do you get them to be on board and become organized when they don’t want to? The answer is the same thing you do to get anyone to do anything…Motivate them!

Rewards System: If your organized guru example isn’t doing the trick try something a little more enticing, like a positive rewards system. When dealing with children, this is a little easier. You can try charts. If they do the things like put away their toys, clothes, and shoes in their correct spots everyday they put a sticker on the chart and get a prize either at the end of the day or at the end of the week. 

The Right to Nag: Being the keeper of the home gives you the right to nag. Your primary role in life as a parent is to teach your children to become responsible adults. With teenagers rewards may not always interest them. So constantly reminding and making consequences clear may be the best route. If you hear complaining, don’t worry; studies have shown that children are actually happier when they are contributing to the family, even if they won’t admit it.

Clear Expectations: Your family cannot read your mind. Be clear about the things that you want done. Making a list or chart to put on the fridge is a great idea to keep everyone in the loop. Mapping out steps to each job is also a great idea so that they understand the entire process.

Consequences: If there is no negative consequence for a job being left undone, there won’t be any action. Be sure to make consequences clear so that a child can know what will happen if they choose not to do the job they are assigned.

Don’t shoulder the entire burden of keeping you’re home organized. Change your family into a team that works together to keep their home tidy and clean. 

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