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How To Create Organized Drop Zones


When your kids come home from school do their backpacks and shoes get left in the entry way or right in front of the door? Do you seem to have piles of papers and “stuff” sitting on your counters or your office desk? If this is you here are a few tips and tricks to create organized drop zones for your things.

What is an organized drop zone? An organized drop zone is a space you create for your random items to be quickly and easily placed out of the way in a tidy manner. 


Cubbies in the entryway: Your children are most likely to put away their things if you have a designated spot right when they walk in the door. Cubbies for each child are a great way for them to feel like they have a place that is specifically for their things. Shoes, coats, and backpacks will fit in their cubby making your home less cluttered when the kids get home. You can also decorate these according to each child’s interests. 


Baskets or Trays: Keeping a small tray on an entryway table or a counter creates a quick drop zone for your sunglasses, keys, and papers or bills that need to go out that day. Baskets for the kitchen counter are a quick drop zone for your mail to keep it from cluttering your counter. 


Hooks: Hooks on the wall next to your door or on the back of an entryway closet door are a great place to hang backpacks, purses, and jackets. If you place them by the door you will always know where they are and it will be convenient for whenever you come and go. 


Trash Cans: If you have an issue with wrappers or papers being left around your home try placing trash cans in each room, this will provide a place for the trash to go and keep your home clean. 


Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve you need to remember that these ideas will only work if you implement them. This could mean changing your habits from dropping your keys and mail on the counter to placing them on a tray. Just remember that your habits CAN change and you will feel much better with an organized home!

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How To Create Organized Drop Zones