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Home Remodeling Trends for 2014

With the Spring Season slowly creeping up, it is time to give the house a fresh coat of paint and update some features of your home. From simple fixes to full blown projects, here are some home remodeling trends interior designers are standing by.

Technology Saves Money

For the technological inclined who find themselves constantly trying to find another outlet to charge their many electronic devices, try installing a U-Socket. Where not only do you have the tradition outlet plug, you also have 2 USB plugs. The U-Socket is eco-efficient as well, it senses when the device is fully charged and only admits the power when needed. Think of the money saved!

Kitchen Style

Last year’s home modeling trend of a more modern style kitchen is now slowly migrating to a more modest and classic look. Designers are starting to design kitchens to incorporate earth tones and raw metal finishes. Also kitchens are being remodeled into a more efficient layout that is accessible for multigenerational living. Meaning, the kitchen will not only be kid friendly, but it is also easy for grandparents to use.

Organized Garage

Gone are the days where you are tripping over tubs of storage and sports equipment or running your car into your children’s bikes. Now is the time where garage organization is helping families keep themselves and their gear safe and long lasting. Add some cabinets to store tubs out of the way or install a few shelves to hang up all those bikes.

Variety of Textiles and Colors

Another kitchen home remodeling trend is that of combining different textures and textiles to your design. There is a growing trend of granite and tile backsplash. The slightly mismatched design adds character and a personal style to your kitchen. This trend along with pops of bright colors adds the personal touch each home is in need of.

Bathroom Structural Elements

Designers are straying away from the old trend of combing showers and bathtubs. Now with the update in architectural tubs, the bathroom layout has been changed for good. Home owners want to leave plenty of open space around the bathtub instead of having the conventional ledge that usually has been incorporated with it. Bathtubs and showers are now being built as structural elements that are more pleasing on the eye.

Start off the year right with some new home remodeling trends your family and friends will love.


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