Have less stress by being organized

The holiday season is one of the times of the year where being organized comes in very handy. We have to make lots of preparations for holiday celebrations, family visits and many other festivities. Being organized can significantly reduce stress. Here are a few organization tips to help you navigate the end of the year with the least amount of stress possible.

Tip One: Have as much extra storage space as possible. There are so many situations where having extra storage space can be useful during the holidays. You might need a place to store or hide your gifts that you have purchased. Sometimes families have to remove a piece of furniture from their living room to create space for the Christmas tree, so you might need room to store that extra piece of furniture for a few weeks. There are many other situations where having extra room might be needed. A great way to create this extra space if you do not already have it, is installing shelves in your garage. Even if you have some shelving in your garage, extra shelves or more sturdy shelves can hold quite a bit of stuff. This can easily create that extra space for gifts or moving things around for more room.

Tip two: Organize your cleaning supplies. Most of the time celebrating anything will involve food of some sort. When there is food anywhere there is inevitably spills, crumbs and lots of things to clean up. Having all of your cleaning supplies in order can mean the difference between a small spill and a stain that will last forever. A great way to have your stain removers and spray bottles ready to go is to use a shoe organizer that hangs on a door. The pockets in these types of shoe organizers are large enough to hold average and larger than average cleaning supply bottles and they keep everything visually in front of you so you can grab exactly what you need quickly.

Tip Three: Plan what you will wear beforehand. Not only do you want to throw great parties and get-togethers but you always want to look good at these events as well. One of the big sources of stress is that rush time just before an event where after all the preparations are finally made and you go to get ready but there is nothing to wear. Planning out what you will wear before is always good but even better is to group each item together. This way the only thing you need to do is put everything on.

Use these tips to be organized around the holidays and any time of the year to help you reduce the stress in your life. Being organized can not only reduce stress but can create more time for you to do the things you enjoy.