Tips to Declutter

Guest Post: Stop the Clutter Before It Starts

This is a guest post from Jamie at Destination Organization.

When the kids go back to school, it seems there’s a lot of clutter that comes with it. The clutter wants to live by the front door, back door (your main entryway) and the kitchen and it makes friends!

Here are some tips on how to organize a closet or hallway to work well and serve as a launching pad for your family.

  • Purge all items that don’t belong in this area, are broken or don’t fit.  You’ll be amazed at what you find when you start digging!
  • Assign space for each family member and label their area, hook or basket
  • Rotate items seasonally in order to make more space for each person. Store out of season items in the basement or on the top shelf in another closet
  • Limit the number of shoes each person keeps by the door and stick to it. Entry closets were not intended to hold 50 pairs of shoes! (This is a key issue I see with all my clients.) Try going vertical with shoes.
  • Consider using double hanging to create a place where kids can reach and hang a coat.
  • Use the easiest access spot for frequently used items. The easier it is to put away, the more likely it WILL be put away
  • Assign space for phones and chargers, keys, pet leashes, backpacks and sports bags

Destination Organization creator Jamie Martin has a passion for helping others and fulfills this through her career as a professional organizer where she specializes in helping over committed families and serial entrepreneurs. She started her business in 2005 but has had life-long training as an organizer and continues her education through reading, networking and attending events through the National Association of Professional Organizers. Jamie lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with her very unique son. She enjoys gardening, cooking, baking, softball, all things Italy and helping others find peace through organization.