Give the Gift of Organization this Holiday Season

     Christmas is right around the corner and some of us are feeling like time is passing us by too quickly for the amount of things we still have to get done. The lights and tree have been up for weeks but Christmas day is quickly approaching and we haven’t been able to cross everyone off our gift list. With time running out and no idea what to give consider giving the gift of organization. Everyone likes a fresh slate for the New Year and getting a little bit more organized can surely help anyone left on your list feel a little bit more at ease.

     A Car Kit – A car kit combines giving both the gift of organization and peace of mind. It’s the perfect gift for the long icy winter ahead. Get a basket or sturdy box that you can fill with must have emergency supplies. Items that you might think about including are an ice scraper, a compact shovel, kitty litter, a flash light and flares. All of these items are perfect for keeping your loved one safe if the winter weather gets the best of them while on the road. Additional items to include are blankets, extra gloves and some form of fire starter (matches, lighter etc.). Most people have these items already but having them all organized in one place could literally be a life saver in an unfortunate situation.

     Hobby Binder – If your friend or family member has a favorite compact hobby organize it into a binder. Page covers are perfect for storing a variety of hobby items. You can use the page covers to easily keep coloring supplies all in one place. Use the pages covers to hold colored pencils you can also print off coloring pages and three-hole-punch them so that everything stays together. On the other hand the same concept can be used for a friend that enjoys sewing or embroidery to keep all the supplies for one project in one place. Decorate the cover, wrap it up and you’re good to go.

     Donate Clothes – Give yourself the gift of organization while helping out the less fortunate at the same time. Going through all of your closets and deciding what can stay and what should go will give you a fresh, less cluttered start to the New Year. Bulky old coats might be a burden to your already crowded closet but homeless shelters around the country are constantly looking for coats this icy, cold time of year.

     Professional Organizer – The ultimate gift of organization is actually having a professional organizer come and work their magic. All your hobbies and belongings can have a home if you get your garage organized. No more banged up bikes and your golf clubs can stay in pristine shape. Shelving, cabinets, overhead storage and flooring can help to transform any garage into an organized dream. You don’t want to start the New Year out renting a storage unit, they’re costly and inconvenient. So go ahead and give a gift that will truly be appreciated.

     This time of year can often be stressful because of the many pressures we all feel including giving the perfect gift. Give the gift of organization this year and you know that everyone will be happy. Inexpensive organizational tools are a great help to start the New Year off on a less cluttered note.

gift of organization