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Garage Storage Shelving 101

Whether you're about to remodel, revamp or just organize and declutter your garage space, it all starts with a plan. There are hundreds of storage variations you can come up with by combining overhead garage storage, racks, hooks, cabinets, and side wall garage shelving systems. Actually, it can be pretty overwhelming! Since our team provides garage storage solutions on a daily basis, we sometimes forget that not everyone is familiar with all the variations and uses, so we're going to give you the inside scoop on garage storage shelving today.

Garage Shelving: The Basics

Of course, you'll want to start with your main garage shelving which can run along one, two, or all three walls of your garage. The main shelving should be installed high enough to be out of reach of children, but accessible enough to easily reach without straining. These main garage storage shelves can hold stacked or single rows of totes, luggage, and anything else you want out of the way. Don't worry about weight. Our system holds up to 1,000 lbs for every four feet of garage shelving!

Drop Down Garage Shelving

Drop down garage shelves are probably the coolest thing ever. We love the versatility they provide. Things are always changing and sometimes your storage needs change as well. Drop down shelving can provide between 2-4 shelves when needed, and can easily fold up against the wall when not in use.

This convenient system provides endless possibilities when it comes to the use of your garage. It can especially come in handy for the remodeled garage that's been turned into an office or work space. We've also seen it used on the wall space right next to the door leading into the house. When placed there it's perfect for shoes, umbrellas, pet supplies, extra pantry items, and more.

Drop down garage shelves can also be moved to another area of the garage. Simply remove the Monkey Bar and slide it into another shelving system location. Pretty slick, right?

Inverted Shelves

Inverted shelves make use of wasted space above windows, cabinets or above the garage door. We hate wasted space, especially in the garage! Since inverted garage shelving is up high, you'll want to use it for those items you don't need to access frequently. Storage totes are perfect for these sturdy shelves. Remember, always clearly label your totes with a thick magic marker (so you don't have to use a ladder to actually read the label). Items stored in bins are quickly forgotten and there's nothing more frustrating than pulling down ten totes to find an item you need. Not to mention the fact that the item YOU want will always be in the last tote you look in!

Portable Shelves

Another handy one is the portable shelf. It can be moved to any location to provide a quick solution where additional space is needed. The thing we like most about this is the fact that portable shelves allow you to stick to your original plan of keeping items organized in certain areas. Let's say you have a garden supply area and you've just purchased an entire shelf's worth of new items for your spring potting. With a portable shelf you will be able to store these items right there where they belong instead of another area of the garage. Keeping everything in it's place is the key to an organized garage.

Now that you have a clearer mental picture of a few of our favorite garage storage solutions, start drawing out your plan. There's no time like now to get your garage whipped into shape.  


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