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Garage Storage Ideas That Work

There are so many garage storage ideas and systems available. As a consumer, it’s hard to decipher the differences between each system when they are all claiming to be the best. To simplify this grueling process we’ve created a small list of important features to look for.


Weight Capacity: The most important feature to look for in a garage storage system is how much weight it can hold. Some garage storage ideas are cute, but have a low weight capacity and can break and bend over time. Finding systems that have high poundage thresholds allow you to store your things with assurance and ease, knowing that you’ll be safe from falling objects.


Space: If you are looking for a garage storage system, you probably are looking to create more space in your garage area as well. Some garage storage systems are bulky and take up too much space to be useful. Gorgeous Garage has ingeniously created a storage system that takes up only ⅓ of the space of competitor garage storage systems. That means that you can actually fit 3 times as many items in less space than you can with other systems.


Adaptability: Your garage storage ideas and needs change over time. That is why it is important to buy a system that is adaptable. Removable and sliding hooks allow you to create a space that is completely your own. Never settle for anything that will not work for your changing needs over time.


Hobbies: Garage storage systems are all about individuality. So, you must ask yourself what is it that you like to do. Do you like to garden, snowboard, or golf? The system that you decide to buy should be able to organize tools for your wide range of hobbies. Adjustable hooks are a great way to do so.


Fortunately, Monkey Bars Storage Systems provide all the features listed above and more. Our garage storage ideas and features are all explained simply in our 1 minute video, Garage Storage Ideas by Gorgeous Garage. Be sure to look at our videos explaining specific products like our folding chair rack and specialized hooks to see what will work best for your space.


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