Eliminate Garage Odor

Eliminate Odor in the Garage

The garage can be used for a variety of things, whether that be storage, workspaces, or play areas. Because the garage is used by the entire family for a variety of reasons, it can quickly get a smell. No one wants to enter, work or play in a stinky space. With spring on the horizon, it’s time to start creating a plan of attack on that interesting smell in the garage.

  • Pare Down:
    The smell can sometimes be attributed to an overabundance of items that are stored in the garage. Clearing items that you no longer use, want or need can not only free up valuable space in the garage, it can also help you eliminate undesirable smells.

  • Store Correctly:
    While you are removing items from your garage, think about how you will store the remaining items. Cardboard boxes are notorious for eventually getting a smell, especially if they get wet. Choose plastic containers that can be sealed with a matching lid to keep your items safe from the elements. We suggest clear bins so it’s easy to see what is inside.

  • Top-Down Approach:
    To give your garage the star-treatment for odor elimination, you will definitely want to remove everything from your garage to give a thorough scrub down. When everything is out of the garage, start cleaning from the top down. Using a broom or shop vac, remove any cobwebs from the walls or ceilings. This would also be a great time to paint your garage walls if not already done! You will then want to start moving floor debris from the back of your garage out to the street. Using a large push broom or leaf blower, move dirt and debris out of the garage and follow-up with a power wash. Go the extra mile and get your garage floor coated to protect against stains and blemishes.

  • Clean Your Trash Can:
    One of the biggest smell culprits in the garage is the trash can. Take a moment to give your can a little extra love to eliminate unwelcome odors in your garage. If the garbage truck hasn’t come to get your trash yet, take it to your local transfer station or dump. Attack trash can odor with a nice bath from a garden hose. Using this step by step method for cleaning your trash can will help you make your garage smell fresher! To avoid trash can stink, be sure to seal your trash bags tightly and avoid throwing loose items into the can.

  • Natural Odor Eliminators:
    Easily attack odor in the garage with some kitty litter, baking soda, charcoal briquettes, or vinegar. Choose your weapon of choice and place a little bit in the garage to be replaced every few days to eliminate smells.

  • Replace Your Items:
    After you’ve cleaned and attacked the smell, replace your items in a way that will make maintenance and quick cleaning easier. Storage solutions that get your items off the garage floor will make sweeping far easier. Wall-mounted shelves, cabinets or overhead racks can safely remove boxes and bins from the garage floor while staying within easy reach for use. Choosing the right storage solution will not only help you keep your garage clean over time, it will save precious time and keep garage stink at bay.

The garage doesn't have to be a stinky place. Set aside a day to attack the garage and you will find that it can be a pleasant place to work on projects again!

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