Declutter: 4 Tips To Making Good Decisions

If you feel like you are wasting precious time searching for your keys, wallet, or cell phone, decluttering your home may be the solution you’re looking for. Many of us know there is a problem, but when you’re peering over piles and mounds of stuff its hard to know where to begin, so listen up because here is the starting line!

Good state of mind: First when making decisions about what to keep and what not to keep you need to be in the right state of mind. This is emotional work! Try not to declutter your home when you are hungry, tired, or overwhelmed. These emotions will only get in the way.

One step at a time: Be sure not to bite off more then you can chew. Start with one room at a time and if even that seems too overwhelming start by tackling one corner of a room. Making a more attainable goal will help you to feel accomplished without feelings of stress.

Identify the real issue: Lets be realistic, it’s not really about the “stuff”. If you have a hard time getting rid of something it’s because you have an emotion holding you back from letting it go. The best thing to do in this situation is to step back to identify the emotion. For example if you think “I might need this.” Ask yourself the following questions: When was the last time I used this? Would I remember that I have it? How does life look without it? Could I get to it in 2 minutes or less if I really did need it? If it doesn’t pass the test save yourself the space and get rid of it!

Trust your gut: If you are in a good state of mind and you make a decision right away don’t go back on it. Trust your gut! Try hard not to give things a second thought. This will keep you from overthinking and save you from becoming emotionally exhausted. Chances are you really don’t need it and you are just coming up with excuses.

Don’t be a prisoner to the burden of clutter. Start with something small and you will find yourself rising out of the mounds and piles to cross the finish line!

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