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Benefits of Parking in an Organized Garage

According to NAHB, 85.4% of homes built in America after 2013 feature a garage with the capability to hold two or more vehicles. However, many of these garages haven’t been living up to their full potential as not all Americans use their garage the way it was intended. Here are many reasons why we should at least consider the option of utilizing our garages as a parking space for one of our most valuable assets.

Taking the time to organize your garage will give you the parking space designed for your vehicles. The garage is usually the go-to place when you’re not sure where something should go. Through organizing your garage you will be able to not only get rid of your collection of “stuff” but you will be able to bring your vehicle inside.

Saves Time and Money As our schedules intensify the menial tasks of each day tend to be pushed aside for those we find most pressing. Needing to scrape windshields during winter, cool down the steering wheel in summer, and evening unloading groceries all consume valuable time we could spend elsewhere. By parking in your garage, you have the ability to eliminate similar segments of your day and can spend time with your more demanding tasks. There are also many insurance companies who will reduce your insurance costs if you park in your garage.

Promotes Junk Removal A garage often becomes the dumping ground for anything we can’t find a home for inside. It becomes forgotten, develops mold, and even attracts unwanted animals. Typically, it is the junk we gather prohibiting us from parking in the garage. As you go through your home for your seasonal cleaning, you will have to decide what can actually be thrown out or donated instead of just stored for “another day” in your garage. Many homeowners will install organization systems similar to this to allow for some storage within their garage.

Increased Lifetime Vehicle Value Our vehicles take on a lot everyday. Keeping them out of the elements will provide the protection they rarely see otherwise. The paint and interior won’t fade as fast, you will be able to keep the engine in good health without extreme temperatures impacting it, and it will be safe from any extreme weather patterns. Overall, this provides you with a better looking, more durable vehicle. Another benefit of parking in the garage is you have it safeguarded against potential vandalism and theft.