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7 Ways to Eliminate Garage Clutter

Is your garage cluttered? When you walk into your garage, do you need to move items to find the one you’re looking for? Do you know what is in your garage and what’s not?

Our garage is the place we come and go, and despite it being a high traffic area, we allow our garage to collect debris, misfit items, and clutter. Clutter collects as a result of repeated unorganized behavior patterns and can create a stressful environment, leading to unproductive time, and a negative outlook on life according to Psychology Today.

We have gathered the best ways to eliminate clutter in your garage and keep it that way! With these seven useful tips, you can kiss rummaging through your belongings goodbye.

1. Know what you need, and what you don't

sorting through items in garage

The biggest contributor to clutter are items we have but no longer need or simply don't use. In almost every consultation, our repeated advice is to let go of unnecessary items and embrace a more simple garage layout- this way the items you need and want to use are easy to see, use and keep organized.

As a season comes to a close, sift through outdoor gear and rule out what won't be used again or will need to be replaced. As kids outgrow gear, donate the items to your local thrift store (this is a great way to give back to the community, and oftentimes qualify for a tax deduction!).

Cleaning supplies, car tools, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous items tend to pile up. Take time to go through and properly dispose of old, half-empty bottles and donate old tools you no longer use. This article lists 35 items you really don’t need and can be useful to get going on removing clutter.

2. Ditch Short Term Solutions

messy garage tools

“Out of sight, out of mind” can sometimes work against us. When we have company coming or we need to move an item out of the way, sometimes we place items where they don't belong and contribute to clutter and disorganization. Shoving items we found on the ground into a drawer or cabinet is not only not helpful, but counterproductive. While the items may be out of sight for now, when we need to find a specific item trouble will come.

Have you ever opened a cabinet and had items come pouring down, only to discover your item wasn't there? To eliminate clutter, don't move items to a temporary place so they're out of sight. Put items away intentionally and stick to the designated place. When you exit your vehicle, return home from a recreational activity or finish an oil change, don't consider the task finished until everything is put away in its place.

Using a label maker is a great way to make solutions more permanent, you can find the best label makers of 2019 here.

3. Keep Items off the Ground

clean garage tools

Your garage floor should be the last place an item is kept, that includes larger items such as bikes and other large sports equipment. When items are kept on the floor, especially small items, they tend to get lost and disorganized.

Garage floors are also a breeding ground for dirt and grime, keeping a clean garage floor becomes ten times harder when items are stored on the ground. We recommend overhead racks, cabinets and racks are used to keep clutter from accumulating on your garage floor. Putting items away in its proper place can only happen when you have easy, accessible ways to do so- for both you and your kids!

4. Easy Trash Can Access

trash can access in the garage

Trash will clutter your garage quickly when the nearest place to throw out trash is inside the house or outside on the curb. Make throwing out trash easier by having a large trash can near your garage entrance or close to where you exit your car. Keeping a trash can near your car also helps with keeping your car clean, an added bonus!

5. Delegate Responsibility

For our readers with kids, we understand that tackling clutter can be even harder with little ones. When your garage organization system is straightforward and simple, even the kids can participate in keeping a clutter-free garage. Reminding your kids the importance of organization is the first step, then delegating specific responsibilities will reinforce this. “Monkey see, monkey do” couldn't be truer in this instance-- when you take organization initiative, your kids will too!

Scholastic has some great advice on developing organization habits with your kids, you can find their advice here.

6. Keep Spaces Open and Visible

clean, open, garage space

When de-cluttering your garage, the goal should be to make the space more open through intentional organization. Try to avoid keeping piles of storage totes in a corner, instead find a permanent solution to keep the space open and all your storage totes visible.

Avoiding heaps of sports equipment, tools, and hunting gear will help you resist the urge to add to the pile. Clutter-free garages are maintainable when you can clearly see the layout of your garage, and the proper place for your items is clearly seen and accessible.

7. Make Seasonal Adjustments

When the seasons change, your garage should too! Rotating your items according to what is being most used is a critical step to staying on top of your organization system. Moving summer items to the top shelf or storing a kayak on your overhead rack is the best way to keeping your garage from getting cluttered.

What are ways you feel eliminating clutter helps your day to day? These seven tips are sure to help make your garage a less stressful place to walk into. As we say, it's more than your storage, it's your life!

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