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6 Summer Organization Tips

School is out and summer time has begun. Having kids indoors all day can be a challenge when it comes to organization. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your home clutter free this summer.

Organize that Garage: During the summer, children will be in and out of the house all day. Creating a simple organization system can keep the garage from becoming a cluttered mess. By placing items that are used the most at eye level and below, children will be able to get to their items easily. By adding labels the odds of everything being put away will increase, keeping the garage from becoming cluttered. 

Vacation Souvenir Jars: Vacations are a great time to relax and spend some quality family time. If you have a family of collectors that always end up coming home with shells, postcards, and little trinkets try placing the most important ones in a jar. It provides a fun memory and an appealing way to display them.

Kid Friendly Pantry and Fridge: While children are out of school for the summer it is important to keep healthy snacks at easy access so they aren’t getting into junk food. The best way to do this is to provide plenty of options at eye level. Also, separate all snacks into serving sizes so they can simply pull out a bag. By placing a clear container in the fridge and pantry labeled “snacks”, children will know what they can eat preventing your fridge and pantry from becoming cluttered.

Get Rid of Clutter Yard Sale: A summer yard sale can be the perfect activity to do as a family. You are able to work together to get rid of items cluttering your home, and make some extra spending money while you’re at it. Have your children decide what out of their items, they would like to try and sell. Then let them keep the money that they have made from the garage sale. This can also be a great opportunity to teach the younger children about money.

Chore Chart: Creating a routine for children during the summer, is also important. A big part of a child’s responsibilities are chores. An easy way to keep track of who has done what, are chore charts. Create a chart that works best for your family.

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