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5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Spring is a time for cleaning, updating and gaining fresh perspective. A lot of us get bored with our homes and garages when we are trapped inside during winter. Because spring is quickly approaching, we took a minute to write down the easiest, budget friendly ideas to add instant curb appeal to your home.

  • Designate a specific place for your garbage cans. An easy way to improve the look of your home is to create a hidden solution for your garbage. Sadly, when we think garbage, we think dirty. Don’t let that be the first impression of your home. Consider relocating the garbage cans into the garage until garbage day. No space in the garage? Try these ideas to hide your can in a cute way.
  • Upgrade the mailbox. The mailbox gets a lot of traffic. Why not make it match your personal style this year? Try opting for minimal style or decorative style mailboxes. Whatever screams, “YOU” should be placed outside to receive the mail. Did you know that you could find a new mailbox starting as low as $20? But before you place your budget friendly mailbox, be sure to note city regulations for mailboxes.
  • Paint the front door or window shutters. An easy way to add personality to your home is opting for a bright front door. Try a cobalt blue or bright red to get the neighbor's attention. A lot of times, front doors are worn down or dirty from winter storms. If you are still obsessing over last years coat of paint, trying cleaning your front door off this spring.
  • Add some landscaping. This step may take awhile to see your perfect results, but they will add the necessary appeal that you are looking for. Planting a tree can be an easy way to give your home a new vibe. Before planting your favorite kind of tree, consider what size the tree will grow to and how it will affect your house or that view from your living room. If you have ample amount of space, try planting two trees symmetrically in the yard to frame your beautiful home. If your house seems to be lacking color, try adding flowers. This is an easy fix to the lack color on the exterior of your home. Consider placing flower pots on the front porch or planting flowers in window boxes.
  • Add new house numbers. Not only will the people thank you when trying to find your home, but they will also be impressed by your updated numbers. Try matching your numbers to light fixtures or other items on the outside of your home. If your home is classic, avoid ultra modern house numbers.
  • All of these budget friendly ideas will help your home appear as happy and inviting as you are. Implement them in the coming weeks for a clean, updated feeling home.

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