Spring Cleaning

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning in Winter

Why wait until spring to start your spring cleaning? Winter tends to be a dark, cold, and dirty season with all of the mud and dust that can accumulate. Not being able to deep clean or throw the windows open in the winter months can make your home feel musty. Take a day or two and freshen up your entire house this January. It’s sure to put smiles on the faces of your entire family. Here are 5 tips for spring cleaning and organizing your home that you can do in the middle of winter.

1) Start by making a schedule

Just like any New Year’s goal, spring cleaning is a big goal that can only get accomplished if we break it up and make ourselves accountable for when it gets done. Make a calendar of what you want to get done with due dates. By holding yourself accountable to a specific date for each big or small goal, you are way more likely to accomplish that goal.

2) Start with high (or low) traffic areas, and move from there

Generally, we want to get our first spring cleaning and organization done in the areas that the most people will see. However, if you are really feeling bogged down by clutter and dirt in that house of yours, try cleaning the low traffic areas first! We almost never get around to those neglected nooks and crannies whenever we clean, so why not start with the areas that have gotten the least love for the past year? It will instantly make you feel like you accomplished something special, and you will feel more motivated to accomplish other tasks as well.

3) Clear Clutter

When you have set a schedule and picked the areas to work on first, start by clearing any unnecessary clutter lying around. This sounds obvious, but if we try procrastinating the clutter items while deep cleaning, we will feel exponentially less motivated to clean at all. Who wants to wash the windows when you have to hack your way through a jungle of toys and magazines and bills?

4)Start big, then go small.

Get the big jobs done first. If you are debating between vacuuming or scrubbing down the walls, try the walls. With a long list of “to-do’s” every day, focusing on the small, everyday tasks will never leave you room enough in your 24 hours for the big ticket items. This might be compared to when you find yourself staying up until 1 am trying to get a report done for your boss or professor because you spent your whole day on Facebook and Pinterest. Go big, or go home.

5) Change up the decorations for a fresh new look.

Christmas is over! Go pack up anything that resembles the season of red and green wrapping paper and bobbles into your attic, garage, storage closet, or wherever! Spring cleaning means starting fresh. It’s a new year, and some new decorations are in order. Plus, it’s a great excuse to do some shopping for new pillowcases, lamp shades, or other cute trinkets to decorate with. Spring cleaning isn’t all just about chemicals and paper towels. Bring some new life and colors into your home! It will make the dark of winter flee.

When applied properly, these 5 tips are a recipe for success in your spring cleaning and organization ventures. Even in the winter months, a good deep clean is necessary every now and again. Fight the urge to turn on your favorite TV series for today and pick up those rubber gloves and cleaning products to freshen up your house this winter. Your whole family will thank you. Enjoy spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning