5 Things You Can Store in Your Garage From your Closet

What types of things are lurking in the back of your closet? For many, the closet is a catch-all for items that are not often used, or things that you honestly don't know what to do with. Remember when you threw your exercise ball in the back of your closet three months ago, thinking you'd find another place to put it? You never found that other place. That's how the story usually goes.

With Monkey Bar storage systems, you can not only move certain items to your garage, but you can begin organizing them and storing them properly. Here's five things that clutter most closets.

Top 5 Closet Hogging Items to Move to the Garage

There are many different objects that may be taking up unnecessary space in your closet. Here are a few you can move to the garage, along with some great ideas on for organization.

Luggage- Do you have two, three, or even more suitcases sitting in your closet? If you're like most people, you put your luggage to use two or three times per year. So, why do your suitcases demand so much prime space? With a quick garage shelving installation you'll have room for a few more pairs of shoes in your closet.

Sports Equipment- How does sports equipment end up in closets anyway? Gym bags, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and high school team gear seems to walk itself from the garage to our closets. If you are a sports-minded family, a dedicated shelving area can hold bins for your footballs, basketballs, baseballs and gloves while specialized racks can neatly hold golf bags and clubs. With Monkey Bars storage systems you may even be able to find a baseball and a glove at the same time. Won't that be nice?

Exercise Gear-  Don't feel bad. Most Americans have some type of exercise equipment sitting in the bottom of their closet. By moving all your gear to its own area in the garage, you can even set up a work out station. Resistance bands can hang on the wall with hooks, ankle weights, small hand weights , and medicine balls can be stored on shelves, and your yoga mat can be rolled up and shelved for quick access. You are much more likely to make use of your equipment when it's all within reach.

Craft Items - Are you riding the scrapbooking train? Maybe you're a budding artist with several canvases, paints and brushes lining your closet shelves. Just like the exercise gear example, you can actually set up a nice studio in your garage. Our shelves, work benches and cabinets provide the perfect place for organizing and handy access.

Toys, Toys, Toys - Those oversized awkward toys are closet space killers, and let's face it, kids have trouble staying organized. A great way to start them out on the right path is by moving some of the lesser used and larger toys to the garage. With our system you can even store them at the perfect kid height to prevent accidents and promote a bit of independence. And with all those toys out of the way, there will actually be room for the monsters in their closet.

Whatever your lifestyle, you've probably got some closet hogs of your own. Moving some of the items to your garage will help you get organized and even create a mini-studio, work out center, or hobby area. What's in your garage's future?


Consider a garage storage professional to help you maximixe the use in your garage.

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