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5 Keys to Organization

Disorganization can add a lot of extra weight to an already stressful life. I have come to find this through many failed attempts to organize my home and my life. I’ve noticed that when I forgo my organizational habits my days are always a little bit harder, more stressful and messier! From my failures, I have learned the importance of organization and how the following steps can help improve day to day life.

Before I dive into the 5 Keys to Organization, I want to discuss why organization is so important! It comes down to two simple things: Stress and Effectiveness.

  1. Stress: A life that is 100% stress free does not exist, but organization is one way to cut down on the stress of family and work life. Stress is not good for your health and not to mention can create tension among the relationships in your life. Organization is important in all aspects of your life and can help you focus on what’s important.
  2. Effective: It’s a fact that when you’re organized you’re 100% more effective. Knowing where things are and when things need to be done can help you single-task and therefore be more effective.

    1. Keys to Organization

      1. Make Habits: Building a habit takes a week to two weeks to create but it’s important to form habits that help you stay organized. These habits can be as simple as hanging your coat up as soon as you get home to sweeping the floor each night after dinner.
      2. Create Space: Everything you possess should have its own space. If you don’t have room for something, then it’s time to declutter. Use labeled baskets or bins to sort smaller things such as mail and craft supplies.
      3. Do the Everyday Tasks: Organization starts with the little things! As discussed previously, make it a habit to organize daily.
          Make the Bed: Making your bed is a simple way to help your bedroom feel more organized and clean. When your bed is made, you are less likely to want extra clothes and papers lying around.
          Sort the Mail: Each day, sort your mail into bills, cards, magazines and catalogs and junk. This helps get rid of unnecessary clutter.
          Clear the Floor: Only furniture belongs on the floor. At the end of each day pick all items up that don’t belong on the floor and put them in their proper place. Use baskets to store blankets and toys.
          Clean as You Go: Clean as you’re cooking to make for less clean-up after dinner. It’s also a good idea to clear the bathroom vanity of makeup and any other toiletries after you’re done using them.
      4. Beware of Nostalgia: This can be detrimental to organization. It’s extremely important to decide what is worth keeping and then stick to those rules! There’s no need to keep every single school project your child brings home. Keep what’s most valuable and let go of the rest.
      5. Think in the Present: When organizing, it’s easy to think to yourself, “I might need this someday.” If you haven’t used it or worn it in the last month or two toss it and spend your time organizing the things you will use and wear.

      6. Organization is a vital part in living an effective and less stressful life. Use these 5 keys to get started and then move on to bigger projects as you become more confident.

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