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4 Ways Your Garage Invites Pests

The garage is a perfect place to store sports equipment, tools, and holiday decorations but it can also be the perfect home for pests. Many homeowners don’t realize that their garage is actually inviting pests. Before you find a mouse scurrying across your garage floor, find out how your garage invites pests and learn how to fix it.

  1. It’s disorganized. From sporting equipment to boxes and bins, the garage can quickly become a cluttered mess. A disorganized garage invites pests like mice, snakes and bugs. Items stored on the floor can easily hide unwanted pests from view. The clutter creates warm little homes for the creepy little creatures we would rather forget exist. Set aside a little time to declutter your space and eliminate potential homes for pests. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard to keep your items safe while in storage. Getting items off the floor is ideal in creating an organized garage that doesn’t appeal to pests. Shelving or cabinets are perfect storage solutions that can keep your items safe from unwanted friends.
  2. It’s poorly sealed. Small animals and insects are experts at finding small holes and openings in the garage! A crack under a door might not look like a large enough space for anything to get in, but you would be surprised. Many pests can squeeze through even the smallest openings. Simply taking an afternoon to assess your garage and seal any openings or add bumpers below doors can help keep our the creepy crawlies.
  3. Pet food is left out. Pests aren’t always searching for a place to live, sometimes they are simply looking for an easy meal. Although pet food isn’t appealing to you or me, it’s a great snack for raccoons or mice. When storing pet food in the garage, don’t just leave the pet food in the bag next to the door. Put your pet’s food bag into a plastic container with a closable lid.
  4. Linens or bedding are stored there. Most experts agree that storing linens or bedding in the garage isn’t the best idea. These items create warm and cozy little homes for pests. Storing these items in the garage can also expose them to the elements and reduce their longevity. Invest in vacuum seal bags to store your extra linens and bedding - that will reduce the amount of space they will take up. Opt for storage in the house, under a bed or in a closet.

No one wants pests in the garage. This can be especially true because often it will only be a matter of time before the pests venture into the house to find new homes. Keeping pests out of the garage doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few conscious decisions and upgrades to the garage, it’s possible to eliminate potential homes or attractions to pests.

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