4 Ideas That Will Help Keep Debris Out of Your Garage

Typically around this time of year, the air starts getting crisper. While fall air is nice, it can also track in some unwanted guest. Leaves, twigs and other debris can easily find their way into the garage without pre-emptive procedures. We've all been there. How can we keep all the debris out of the garage? We gathered the best ideas to keep the garage free from debris.

Positive Pressure: A common misconception is that if your garage faces a certain way that it causes wind to blow debris into your garage. No matter where your garage is located, you will still find leaves blowing in. An easy way to combat this wind situation is to create positive pressure within your garage. Installing a fan or placing a fan and pointing it towards the door can disrupt the airflow enough to keep most debris out.

Garage Screen: Retractable garage door screens aren’t talked about enough in our opinion. These bad boys not only keep out debris, but keep away pesky bugs as well. They also give you the option of keeping the garage door open all day without worry.

Leaf Blowing: Just like wiping off your kitchen counter or taking out the trash each day, 5-10 mins of daily leaf blowing can keep the garage cleaner than ever! It also makes buying an expensive leaf blower less of a huge investment because you are using it much more frequently.

Seal the Garage: Without a sealed garage door, debris can get into the garage even without the door open. We think this is a great place to get the step by step instructions to seal your garage. An added bonus of sealing your garage is that it will be much warmer in cooler months.

These ideas will keep your garage fresh and clean all season long. We hope this fall and school year are your best yet!

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