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Garage Safety

3 Ways to Keep Your Items Safe in the Garage

Most homeowners use the garage as a storage space, yet many don’t realize that their precious items are not stored safely. Rain water or snow tracked in by cars or pests can quickly ruin items in the garage. These 3 tips will help you keep your items safely stored in the garage.

  1. Store items in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. Keeping your items safely packed away in plastic bins will keep moisture and pests away from your possessions. In the event of a flood, cardboard boxes will quickly become damaged and provide little to no protection for your things. Many household pests are attracted to cardboard boxes both as food and as shelter.

    Pro tip: Use the same bins for all of your storage to give your garage a truly organized and seamless look. Choose storage bins that are clear to easily see what is stored inside. While storing items, it’s a great time to label your boxes so you know at a glance what is stored within.

  2. Cut the clutter in the garage. Take a day or weekend to assess the items stored in your garage and cut where possible. Donate or recycle items that you no longer use and organize what remains. Cutting clutter reduces the risk of a twisted ankle or broken bones as a result of tripping over a stray toy or tool.

    Pro tip: Create 3 piles while you clear clutter in your garage: Keep, Donate and Recycle (or trash if no recycling is available). If you have no use of the item and it is only gently used, place that in your donation pile. All broken or damaged items should be put in the trash or recycle. Keep only the items that you need.

  3. Clear your floor space. Utilize the walls and ceiling of your garage to store your items off the garage floor. Eliminating piles of boxes, bins or other items will remove potential hiding places for pests and make cleaning the garage far easier. Storing items on the walls or from the ceiling will also protect your things in the event of flooding.

    Pro tip: Overhead storage racks are great for keeping long-term storage items safely stored off the garage floor on safe platforms. Wall-mounted shelving should be used for items that you need access to more frequently.

Keep your items safe this year. All it takes is a little thought and a plan. Need extra help? Our authorized dealers specialize in helping homeowners create organized and functional garages that keep items safely stored. Use our locator tool in the top right of this screen to find a dealer near you today.

Garage Safety