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3 Secrets to a Successful Garage Sale

Getting rid of the clutter in your home and your garage can have so many benefits. Cluttered areas take a toll on the rest of our lives and cause stress, decrease our productivity and simply make our lives harder according to Psychology Today.

One of our favorite ways to de-clutter our homes and garages are garage sales! What better way to get rid of unwanted, unused items and make some cash while doing it. Did you know, the total weekly revenue in the United States from yard sales is over 4 million dollars according to according to this website. Unfortunately, garage sales can flop if they are not carefully and strategically executed. The good news? Your only three secrets away from knowing exactly how to have a successful garage sale.

1.) Advertise Effectively

advertising for a garage sale

The garage sale advertising game has changed in the past few years. In the past, hanging a few signs and letting some friends know was all that was needed. Nowadays, the strategy should be more focused on the “online” presence of your upcoming sale in addition to physical signs. Start with your community Facebook pages, Craigslist and even Instagram! Posting pictures of the hot items you’ll be selling with help increase interest. For large items, consider listing the items on craigslist and facebook market place.

In addition to posting the event on social media platforms, consider printing flyers and placing them in your local library and community centers. Be sure to mention in your ad what items will be for sale and what landmarks are near your house. If your selling recreational equipment, make sure to highlight these items! People who are on the lookout for specific items will flock your way. The Spruce has some great tips on garage sale advertising do’s and dont’s.

Make sure to include the following in your ad:

  • Your Home Address
  • The Date & Time of the Sale
  • Hot Items you’ll be Selling
  • Landmarks Near your Home
  • Food/ Beverages offered (if any)

2.) Your Presention is Everything

garage sale presentation

I can't count how many times I have driven past a garage sale, glanced over, and continued to drive without stopping- your presentation can make or break your garage sale success. If your garage sale is thrown together without much thought, it will show. Your items and how they are organized will speak volumes and boost your rate of stop-ins, or urge people to turn around and drive away.

Organize your items in a familiar way. If you are selling clothing, try to hang clothes so shoppers can see what you're selling easier. Place your hottest items outside your garage and in a more obvious place. Another fun trick is to sell food and beverages at your garage sale!

If you are selling children's toys, make sure they are clean. If you're selling battery operated items, make sure you have working batteries included. Finding dirty or broken items will decrease buyer confidence, especially when considering purchasing a children's item. Make sure your garage is clean and organized. When people drive by to check out the sale, a clean organized garage send the message “we care for our items and keep them in good shape”.

If you are selling electronics, consider having an extension cord or outlet close so buyers can turn the item on and ensure the item is working. If you are selling a TV, try playing a rolling video of some sort; this will attract attention and show off the item.

2.) Price Items to Sell

pricing items for a garage sale

When pricing your items, remember to keep in mind your own bias towards your things. Your old pair of hiking shoes may have gotten you through the hardest hike in your life, but your customer has never worn them. Price items fairly, but in a way that makes the buying experience easier. If your customer has to think twice about an item, you are less likely to sell the item. According to this website , the average price of an item at a yard sale is $.85.

Have you noticed, at supermarkets, items are often listed as $.99 rather than $1.00? This marketing trick can work towards your advantage in your own garage sale! Rather than list an item as a $1.00, mark it down to .$99-- this helps make the item feel cheaper than it actually is.

An easy way to make pricing easier is to purchase color-coded stickers and assign a price to a sticker. Create a sign with a “pricing guide” and you can spend less time worrying about pricing each individual item.

Now that you're equipped for a successful garage sale, make sure to keep the items you chose not to sell organized and accessible. If you would like to find out more about keeping your garage organized and clutter free contact your local Monkey Bars dealer here .