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Garage Transformation This Summer

Whether your home is small or large, there's always room for improvement. Have you ever considered adding on to your home without putting up more walls? The garage is one of the most underutilized and unappreciated piece of real estate that needs to be taken advantage of this summer. Your garage transformation possibilities are endless! Here are a few garage transformation ideas you could start this summer:

Personal Gym

It is not easy to stay in shape now a days! Many of us are on the run and forget about hitting up the gym. How can we change our lifestyle so we won't be rushing from home to work, then to the gym, and back home again? Have you ever considered transforming your garage into your own personal gym? Our garage floor tiles can withstand up to 75,000 lbs of rollover weight. This garage transformation will leave you with no more excuses about not having enough time to work out this summer.

Home Office

Do you wish you could work from home but don't have a spare room? Move your office to the garage where there is peace, quiet and isolation from your loud family. We can help you never be late to work again by transforming your garage into a home office. With the right touches, this garage transformation will convince your clients to never know you become the CEO of your company from the comfort of your garage.

Home Theater 

Who doesn't loves watching movies? We spend up to $14 so we can watch our favorite movies on the big screen. How would you like to watch all your movies without the hassle of paying for a ticket each time you go? Consider your useless garage. This summer your garage can transform into a piece of cinematic art!