Sports Bag

Sports Bag

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This sports bag can easily be added to a Monkey Bar to store balls and other sports equipment easily and conveniently.
It holds eight to ten basketballs, volleyballs, or soccer balls. Just load your gear into the sports bag at the top and remove from the flap in the front.

Our Sports Bag can be used to store various sized balls and other sports equipment. To use it, all you have to do is place it anywhere along a Monkey Bar and load it from the top or any location along the front. This garage sports bag is extremely long, hangs vertically, and is still low enough for smaller children to remove items with ease.

Ball Bag


This was very easy to use and more affordable than other options.

sports bag


Love it! It so easy for my kids to just throw the ball there playing with in the bag, instead of trying to ask them to put them away neatly, cause that never worked before! Plus, it was really easy to install and holds a lot of weight, my boys will hang off it all the time.

So handy


My kids have so many balls that are always out and laying around, they never put them away. This has been a life safer. My kids now enjoy putting the balls away. They know right where they go and always know where to find them.

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