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garage ski rack storage

6 Ski Storage Rack

$98.99 / each Item #: N/A

The 6 Ski Storage Rack from Monkey Bars can hold 6 pairs of skis and poles. The best wall mounted ski rack for any family.

This garage ski rack from Monkey Bars can hold 6 pairs of powder, park, or all mountain skis.

6 Ski Storage Rack Specs:
2 - Single Bar Brackets
1 - 51" Monkey Bar
6 - 6" Narrow Hooks
1 - Hardware Bag

*Lower 48 Only

Our garage ski rack will change the way you store and organize your family's skis. With a 6-pair storage capacity, every one of your family members will be able to easily store their skis in one place. This garage ski rack is made out of power coated industrial steel, and comes with rubber hooks to protect your skis at all times.

If you don't have a lot of time or space, this garage ski rack can easily be set up and installed anywhere in 15 minutes or less. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about ski storage ever again.



I have a family of 6, my wife and our four kids, which made this rack the perfect size for us. We all love to ski in the winter, but it was always so hard to store them. We use to always lay them in the corner of our garage during the summer, and with out fail some of them would fall over and get in the way of parking my car, I actually ran over my son's skis one day and broke one of the skis; so of course I had buy another set for him. But I don't have to worry about that any more! I love that this kit was so easy to install and that our skis won't fall in the way anymore. Plus, we had a lot more space opened up once we took them out of the corner.

Q: Will this hang cross country skis?

A: We also sell a rack specifically for cross-country skis. It includes rubber straps that go around the tails of the skis to keep them from spreading apart.

Q: My walls are made of brick, block, or concrete. Can I still mount my Monkey Bars to my wall?

A: Yes, although we do not provide the hardware for alternative wall applications, call 208-356-8820 and a customer service representative can explain the needed hardware for your specific situation.

Product Belt

Rubber Coated Hooks

The rubber coating protects your items as well as increases the grip of the hook.

Powder Coated Protection

All hooks, bars, and brackets are powder coated for a tough exterior that looks great.

Industrial Grade Steel

All of our kits are made with steel to provide you with strength you can count on.