Bucket Holder

Bucket Holder
Garage Bucket Rack

Bucket Holder

$19.99 / each Item #: N/A
Add a Bucket Holder to your Monkey Bar shelving system to get buckets up and off of the ground.
This holder allows you to store buckets conveniently and use your own as storage containers.
Best Bucket Holder

Our wall mounted Bucket Holder is the perfect addition to your Monkey Bar storage system. This rack can be used to organize contractor supplies, animal feed, and full buckets of any kind. This bucket holder can also be custom-mounted on any wall in your garage or between the brackets under your shelving system.

bucket rack


I love this Rack! I own a farm and so I use this rack for feed for my different animals. All I have to do is take the bucket out and start pouring to feed my animals! Its makes my work day just a little bit easier! Thanks Monkey Bars.

Tools organized


I have a lot of miscellaneous tools and hardware in my garage. This was perfect for organizing them. I don't have to go very far to find what I need. This is a great idea for anyone looking to keep tools and hardware organized. It has saved me a lot of time.

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The rubber coating protects your items as well as increases the grip of the hook.

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All hooks, bars, and brackets are powder coated for a tough exterior that looks great.

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